3 Practices for Your Intuition and Well Being


Intuition operates best in a loving caring atmosphere.

1. Love and appreciate your body.

You may not yet be good at listening to your body, but your body is always listening to you.

Just like those affirmations we say to change our mindset, we also need to say them to our body. Your body hears everything you say and think about. So, what would you like your body to know?

2. Listen to your body (and do what it asks of you)

We listen to people that we love, we keep our minds on things that we love. 

Learning to listen to your body clues is central to your intuitive wisdom.

Stop, breathe, and pay attention to your body. The more you do this the more you will recognize when something is different, or feels ‘off’.

3. Nourish your intuition sensitivity so you learn when you're hearing something.

Some ways you can learn to do this are:

    1. Avoid constant stimulation, or activities that numb you. Learn to slow down.
    2. Rest, regular restoration of the body helps keep you alert to your body’s signals.
    3. Thoughts affect your body and mind, and can cause you stress. Invest in thoughts that make a positive contribution to your life.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."    -Albert Einstein


Intuitive painting Exercise 

Intuitive painting is an opportunity to explore the inner self through the creative process in a safe, critique free environment. The main premise of intuitive painting is to tune in to your own unique creative process while releasing any attachment to meaning, control, expertise or final product. This approach to painting is focused on mindfulness, creative permission and the act of spontaneous expression. There is no prior painting experience necessary. 


Paint, brushes (or your hands), paper, water, paper towel.journal (or paper), pen


Set up your materials

Listen to the meditation above



Paint what you feel, paint what you hear, paint what comes to you. It does not need to make sense, it does not need to look like anything. You may end up with symbols (or not). Use whatever colors come to you. This is not about the finished product, it is about tapping into what is going on within.

Once you feel your piece is complete, in 10 min or 10 days, or somewhere in between, sit with your piece. Sit in quiet contemplation. Then get out your journal and write about the process and how you felt and what came up for you.

You may have emotions come up, that is ok. Feel the emotion and let it pass through you. Do not try to stop the emotion. 


If you have any questions please feel to reach out [email protected]

This week I will be doing this exercise and will release the video on YouTube Thursday.


Have an Amazingly Creative Day,




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