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Are You Giving Away Your Personal Power?

This past week in our Morning Calm Program we were talking about personal power, and I wanted to share some ways that we as women tend to give our power away. As much as it feels good to give, that's never true for your personal power. 


  • Being Passive


The only time it is acceptable to be passive is when you really don’t care. Letting people treat you like a doormat will drain your energy. Have enough personal power to stand up for yourself. Otherwise, people will keep on putting you down. 

Practice saying no to the little things and it will get easier for the big things. Let your voice be heard. This can sometimes feel scary, again try with smaller things, like what you would like to eat for dinner, and work your way up to the larger things.


  • Giving Your Inner Critical Voice Mind Space


Be aware of your consciousness because that's the critic that will drain you the most and keep on taking. If you find this becoming problematic, reinforcing affirmations are the weapon to use to halt it.

Affirmations are a great way to remind yourself to be positive and say kind things to yourself. I like to post them all over the house where I will see them regularly. Make your affirmations positive, present tense, and personal. The 3 P’s of affirmations.


  • Toleration of Manipulation


Manipulators will keep on taking if you let them. People who constantly take with zero reciprocation are a drain on your energy. You have the power to decide to get away from that situation.

Sometimes it can be scary to make changes, especially with people. You don’t have to make a big deal about it, just let those manipulators of your energy slip away. Start to spend more time with people who fill you up.


  • Trying to Please Everyone


You cannot be everything to everyone. You can be your best by your standards. Take actions that feel right to you and don’t try to into the norm of society to please everyone else. Please yourself. Not society. 

Changing yourself to ‘fit in’ is one of the quickest ways to anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. Be yourself and the people who are meant to be in your life will find you. You are a beautiful and unique individual worthy of happiness.


  • Being Judgemental


You may not be a judgemental person, but you are not immune to making snap judgments. Other people can influence your behavior if you let them. Office gossip, friends talking down about someone else, or neighbors talking about a new person moving into the house across the street. Those seemingly innocent conversations can bring about negative energy, influencing your behavior around new people you meet.  

Be mindful for your ownself. Everyone has a story and we only know but one page, or one chapter. We never know the whole story. 


  • Being Apologetic without Cause 


As a Canadian, I know all about ‘Sorry’. We say it so automatically that we don’t even pay attention, and that is not a true apology. The time for sorry is when you know you have made a mistake. Not when you need someone’s attention. For that, excuse me will do the same job. 

An easy way to be aware of your apologetic language is to make it a rule never to follow "I'm sorry" with "but." I'm sorry but… contradicts the apology.

These are some everyday ways we tend to give our power away, especially as women.

How do you give your power away? And what will you do to change it?

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,



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