Awakening into your Creativity

Being creative can make anyone’s life more successful. The proof of this statement can be seen on National Geographic for instance. In one particular show, you will see mountain men, making “stone soup.” Living in the mountains and surviving requires creativity and these guys are exceptionally creative. 

To make stone soup, they find a nice stone deep in the river and use that to get minerals from it when boiled. To add flavor and other nutrients, they gather river algae and forage for a variety of mushrooms. Once everything is boiled up, they have a meal that fills their bellies and helps with their immune systems. 

The mountain men have unconsciously learned how to create new learning pathways in the brain and make the reptilian brain shrink. The reptilian brain which we still possess inhibits creativity and works more to find new things to be afraid of. For you, the best way to work on strengthening your brain and the creativity portion is to engage in activities that require a lot of creativity. This could be creating colorful artworks or having any type of hobby that requires patterns and multiple colors.

As your creativity grows, the concept of thinking about new possibilities and combining ideas will also strengthen your brain. Start looking at the areas where you need to be creative, such as working with a group at your place of business, or as a person who makes their living from home. Start asking a lot of questions, such as “How would this work if I did this?” “What if I took this project and incorporated video into it?” Asking “what if,” questions will produce a lot of new and interesting ideas, that will lead to more success in all you do.

Teaching yourself new ways to learn and think will also skyrocket your creativity, and make your personal and business life more successful. It is imperative to learn new creativity techniques, like thinking outside the box, brainstorming, and mind mapping. Relaxation techniques will also teach your brain to be more creative. Everyone should meditate and exercise. When your mind and body are in peak performance mode you are relaxed and confident. This will lead to less stress and depression, which could have a drastic effect on your creativity and success. 

We do lead stressful lives and finding time to play, even as adults is extremely important. Laughter is important as it releases positive chemicals in your brain. Imagine sitting outside under a tree and reading a good comic book. You start to laugh and while having a great time, you sit back and let your mind wander. It is fully relaxed and it knows that you have been searching for a creative solution to a problem and now is the perfect time for it to give you some amazing answers.

Everyone has to work for a living unless you get a trust fund that allows for nothing but play all day long. Work can be a serious grind, however, if you allow yourself to be creative no matter what your occupation is…there will be rewards. Being creative at work, even if it is not part of your job description, will allow you to become more intimately connected with what you do. 

The people around you will take notice of what you bring to the job and in many cases, admire you for your creativity and joy in the workplace. This kind of recognition can lead to advancement as you are noted as someone who more than willing to put forth the tremendous effort. 

Being creative has zero negativity to it and can only lead to success, topped by more success.

How are you incorporating more creativity into your life?

Have an Amazingly Creative Day, 



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