Holiday Gifts for You and Your Loved Ones

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Maybe your even looking for some great ideas for yourself. You could even leave some hints for your Santa, and maybe some will end up in your stocking. 

I always find it so difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas for holiday gift-giving. So this year I reached out to some friends to see what they were asking for and here are some of the ideas they came up with, plus a few of the things I have loved this year. Creativity is the theme throughout. Create, Express, Learn and Enjoy.

Gifts for Her (or You)

Art Snacks Subscription Box is an art supply subscription box loved by thousands of artists, curated to inspire you to create every month. And they now have a watercolor box and an art journal box. Gift one, or a whole year. I loved mine, it is so fun to receive new items to play with.

There are some other amazing art subscription boxes I have tried Sketch Box and a fun one out of Europe (thank you Iris for that suggestion) UpCrate. Subscription boxes are just so much fun for discovering new supplies. I usually try a new one each year.

Another really great gift for the Creative in your life (you?) is the Creative Bundle 2022, it was out in November for a limited time, with an amazing selection of creative courses, and it is back and is only available December 14-18, 2022. And they have added even more courses to it, 72 courses in total. Over $4000 in courses for only $75. 

Gelli Printing is so fun and you can do so many different things with a Gelli Plate. This large 8x0 is perfect for your standard sheet of paper.

Stocking Stuffers for Her

These amazing Elizabeth St Hilaire Stencils O'Keefe Collection 

Inkssentials Mini Misters 3 pk Portable Mini Mister spray bottles are perfect to use with water or your favorite craft mediums for interesting techniques.

If you haven't checked out the Washi Tape Shop you are missing out. I don't even know where to start with all the amazing designs they have. I probably have purchased more washi tape than I can use in this lifetime. Just look at these, and there are dozens more, maybe even hundreds.


The smaller Gelli Plates were a popular idea when we were talking about them in Create with Me! this month. The perfect size for ATCs or other fun small projects. This set has a square, triangle, and circle. Can't go wrong with that.

Joggles is one of my favorite shops for art/craft supplies, check out all the goodies for your favorite creative.

Ninny's Napkins for all the amazing napkins and other art journaling supplies. They are in Canada, but ship worldwide. Best selection of napkins ever (over 700 styles), and if you don't know which ones to grab for your creative they also have mixed packages. First time there, use our coupon code Creativeu and save 10%  


Have an Amazingly Creative Day Journal was the first journal I created, and I still love it. We have also updated it into a spiral bound with a few extra tweaks, the 2nd edition Have an Amazingly Creative Day Journal

Gifts for the Kids

Meditation Cards for Kids is an award-winning Meditation kit and Mindfulness game for kids providing a FUN and RELAXING activity for kids to practice meditation and connect to feelings of inner peace.

Floor Piano we got one for our granddaughter Indie and she loved it. She is a musical kid and has been since birth. This is one of her favorite instruments we have gotten her so far. This one is slightly different (more colorful) than the one we got, but it has good reviews.

We have gotten a number of these Creative Kids Kits for our Grandkids. Anything that gets them creating.

Stocking Stuffers for the Kids

The Creativity Journal for Kids is packed with prompts and activities that inspire kids to use their imaginations, take risks, and express themselves however they want.

I just found this amazing site (Thank you, Emilie). Hattifant is so fun for kids, and us big kids too. I grabbed a set up the Triskele Paper Globe templates. Check out their Etsy store to see all the goodies, but you have to go to the website to see all the fun. Pop-up cards, coloring pages, paper toys, and more.

Writing Prompts for Kids this one is going in my granddaughter Emma's stocking for sure. She loves to write, in fact, we wrote a book together, My Two Grandmas.


Gifts for Him (or Her)

I love this little tool (thank you Joyce) The Culiau Customizer is a cordless engraving pen and it comes with 30 bits. The only thing I would recommend is to add the drill bit when you purchase. I ordered it afterward and the shipping was ridiculous.

I just learned about this one when it was suggested, but how fun is this? The Storymatic Classic is part of the award-winning Storymatic family of writing prompts and games. Developed by a writer and teacher to encourage imagination, laughter, improvisational thinking, and empathy.

Stocking Stuffers for Him (or Her)

This one is on my wish list, a Magnetic Wristband for holding screws, drill bits, or whatever metal thing you are trying to hold onto while doing other things.

Okay, I keep seeing this one, and then someone else mentioned it, so I am going to add it in as I think it would be super handy. The Snowflake Multi-tool 18 in 1. 

We may have gone a bit cliche for the men's gifts, but just think of the uses in the studio also. Plus they are all ones that I would be happy to receive. 


Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Lizzy's Christmas Party is the perfect gift for the entrepreneur on your list. Over $25000 in gifts for only $100. Buy it now and save it for Christmas, they have until January 18, 2023, to choose all their goodies. Plus you could sign up for the Free Goodie Bag for yourself which has over $15000 in free gifts, not everything inside is for entrepreneurs. Check it out, you will be amazed at all the goodies. Only available until Thursday, December 15th.

I think for most of us a Standing Desk would be pretty close to the top of our list. We sit for long hours every day. The one I shared is one a friend just got. But, if you don't want to spend all that and do a whole office makeover, I just learned about this one where you add it to the desk you already have, an add on Standing Desk, I am not the only one who has added it to our letter to Santa. I also think this one would be great for creating and making videos.

Stocking Stuffers for Entrepreneurs

Ok, this one may not sound very exciting, but extra storage for your computer is essential as an online entrepreneur. Every single person I talked to said they would love this gift, extra Google storage. Google Drive is perfect because you can use it from all your devices,  I don't know what I would do without it. And now with the extra security levels that Google is demanding of custom domain email addresses, you need to have Google Workspace which includes extra Google storage.

Shuttle Art Fineliner Pens 100 PC Keep that creativity flowing, I am a big fan of color for organizing. I take notes in different colors, I color code my spreadsheets. Color is essential in my mind. I love these pens, they are perfect for note-taking and sketching.


Gifts for Fido

I had to add this as we just got it for our niece's dogs. This Dog Puzzle Toy comes with 2 types of treat hiding compartments to keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated as they search and sniff out the tasty treats! It helps stop them from getting bored and anxious and getting into trouble.


Gifts that keep on giving

I have been giving Kiva Loans for over 10 years now. I originally invested $500 and I have lent it out repeatedly, I have made 93 loans with that original investment. You can loan as little as $25. You get to choose who you loan to, and I choose women who are creating, women like Mahliyo. 

Mahliyo is a talented sewer from Dj. Rasulov, Tajikistan. She is a 33-year-old married woman with 2 children. She tries to provide her children with a good, secure life. Mahliyo provides seamstress services and has many satisfied clients. She is an energetic woman who tries to cope with household expenses and thanks to her sewing, she earns a stable income. Her loan helped her buy raw materials for her business, allowing her to attract more clients and increase her income.

If I hear any other great ideas or think of things that would make great gifts, I will add them here. Wishing you a joyful holiday season however you celebrate.

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,



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