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How Creative Routines Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Getting into a creative routine to improve your physical and mental health, might be something you have overlooked. There are some serious benefits for all concerned when you do this. 

For instance, children improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, by engaging in regular creativity programs. Adults still in the workforce can look forward to reduced stress and depression. As for seniors they too get the same benefits as the folks in the workforce, plus the added benefit of brain exercise.

There are a number of stress factors for adults and each one brings its own issues. By engaging in a creative routine, adults will notice that they become more relaxed in life. One of the main reasons is the healthy chemical that gets released by the brain during these pleasurable creative pursuits. The chemical dopamine is a big ally in the fight against stress and depression. It is believed to create feelings of joy and excitement while making a person become more productive. 

Stress and depression, work in the opposite, making people feel that a stiff drink or just being a couch potato is going to somehow make them feel better. 

There are different reasons that depression can set in. It may be the day-to-day stuff, that starts getting you down because you haven’t found a way to deal with it. It is also possible that chronic pain or even worse health issues are causing severe depression. 

Engaging in a daily creative routine helps to combat depression. You stop dwelling on the issues and the joy you get from creating something puts happy chemicals into your body. Many people are not aware of all the natural chemicals produced by the body and how they can change the outflow of bad chemicals to good. 

As we age and give up working eight or more hours per day, our brains begin to change due to not being used to capacity. The brain, like any major muscle in the body, needs to work and grow. In order to combat brain shrinkage in elders, it is best to engage in as many creative routines as possible. This will help with the bits of depression about aging and give the brain a workout it needs. When seniors are creative it is ideal for them to do it in groups. Since they are no longer in the workforce, they do not have the social outlets and constant human interaction that was with them for forty-plus years. By being in a creative group, the senior will have the joy of companionship and the chances that different brain issues will go down. Seniors who are starting to see some of the issues like Alzheimer’s will see major benefits such as less depression and feelings of being abandoned. 

Would you like to avoid the nasty flu or cold during the seasons they love to show up? Getting into and staying in a creative routine will boost your immune system. This makes it much harder for those illnesses to get a grasp on your body. 

Studies have shown that creating, and in particular creating in groups, produces different proteins that help fight cancer-related issues.

Our new membership ‘The Creator’ is all about creativity, trying new things, and building a community of people who want to create to relieve stress and just feel better.

The idea of developing a creative routine has only positive benefits for you. 

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,



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