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How Was Your Easter? April Is A Busy Family Month For Us.

How did you celebrate the holiday?  For me, I technically celebrate in March for Ostera, so it was a pretty quiet weekend. Normally we would celebrate with my partners family but due to the fact she had two root canals in a little over a week and was withdrawing from the pain meds, we decided it was best to stay home.

We have already had our family celebration this month with my side of the family. Last week we celebrated all the birthdays.

My granddaughter Kali turned 7 last week.
A few days before that my oldest daughter Nicole celebrated her birthday. She’s getting up there so that means I’m getting up there so we don’t need to share her age. :-)
Next week 2 more of my grand kids have birthdays.
‚ÄčEmma is first and she will turn 7.
Kash is the next day, and he will turn 4.
We had a fun time last week at an indoor playground. Emma and Kali (cousins) are quite close as their birthdays are only 13 days apart. They love when they get a chance to get together. They live 4 hours apart so it is great when they can meet in the middle and spend time together.
The next day the Grandma’s were tired so the kids and grand kids did West Edmonton Mall to celebrate some more. The life of a kid. They have been celebrating together their whole lives.
Poor Indie has her birthday in February. She doesn’t really care right now as she just turned two, but when she gets older and everyone is celebrating and she is left out she will probably notice. We’ll have to start having some sort of special in the city celebration just for her. ‚Äč
This past weekend I was working on a bunch of new classes to be released soon, I am finishing up some more paintings for the Art walk, it has been a pretty creative weekend. I hope you added some creativity to your weekend. If so, let me know what you were up to.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,

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