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Creativity Coaching

So, I have been taking a coaching certification program to help myself but I also thought it would be a great way to help my clients.

I am funny, when I start something I like to learn everything about it. I had started with a coach to help grow my business and work through some of my limiting beliefs. I love it, and I find it incredibly motivating and I feel so empowered after a session and get so much done. So, me being me, I wanted to learn more about it and thought this could really help my clients grow more creatively. And it is so true. I am so excited by this program I am taking and what I realized is that I have actually been doing this type of coaching (for free) most of my life.

As a creative person I have always wanted to encourage others to follow their passions no matter what that looks like. Even though I have often limited myself with self-sabotage I have helped many people to follow their own paths.

Tangent: Self sabotage is something I have worked on for years and...

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