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May Plans And A Little Tip To Get It Done

What do you have happening in May?
May for me feels like rebirth with Spring in the air and lots more light coming in the windows. May is when we start to venture out more and get that natural vitamin D from the Sun.

I have a busy month ahead. I have already started working with the newest class taking Soul Creative, healing through creativity. It is so encouraging and empowering to already start to see shifts in these amazing women.

Soul Creative is an intensive healing through creativity course and so far, only a week in, we have covered things like: Setting space, Getting into the head space to create, Creativity as self care, as well as setting goals and plans for our final projects, as well as so much more.

The month of May for me is preparing for Art Walk, working with this amazing group of women in Soul Creative. As well as I am working on some new courses, and an installation art piece based on the #metoo movement. If I can complete that art piece by the end of May I will be...
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