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Learning From Your Students, What’S Coming Up, And Exciting News! (Plus My Confession).

Ok, teaching is all about learning.

I got my feedback from my Soul Creative beta class and they all loved it and thought it was transformative and a few mentioned it was a lot of work in a short period of time, but they got through it.

But… I had a follow up call with these amazing ladies and what I heard was, let us learn at our own pace. So, I have decided to open the Soul Creative course up, but it will be for a year long access. You will get a whole year to complete your program.
I will do monthly calls instead of weekly, but will add check in videos after each module.

Does this sound less scary to you? Does this sound more like something you would like to try?

One day workshop 
If you are in the Edmonton area and would like a taste of this amazing Soul Creative course, or maybe you just want to spend a wonderful day creating and healing.  

We will meditate, create affirmation cards, paint, talk about creativity and healing and so much more. Plus lunch and all...
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