Have an Amazingly Creative Day!

A daily journal for creatives. 3 pages of journaling per day, plus a page a day to document your morning habits, meditation, today's creative pursuits, affirmations, and doodle boxes for you to color. Everything to start your creative day.


How Do I Have an Amazingly Creative Day?

This journal is to help you start your daily creative practice. Get out of your head for at least 10 minutes a day (or more) and create every day. Each day there is space for you to track your morning habits, set your affirmations for the day, journal, add in today’s creative pursuits and space to color, doodle and make notes. There are no rules for this book. You are challenged to start a creative practice by doing something everyday, but if you don’t that is ok too. Just show up when you can. Have fun, and let yourself explore and create. The most important part is to enjoy the experience.


A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

Want to be a Happier You?
Want to feel that elusive happiness?
You too can be happy.
Just 5 minutes a day of happiness training.

Kindle Book and paperback available


Gratitude: How to Live with Joy and Gratefulness

What is the difference between someone who is full of joy, has a zest for life, and always seems to have a smile on their face, and someone who is grumpy, grouchy, and a total drain to be around?
Is it the amount of money they have?
Is it simply their personalities?
Is it the circumstances they’re going through?
While all those things certainly can play a role in the amount of joy a person experiences, they’re not the primary factor.
The primary factor is gratitude.
This quick reads helps you fill your life with gratitude, abundance and joy.
Kindle Book and Paperback available


The Power of Why: Why 23 Women Took the Leap to Start Their Own Business

International Best Seller - Larissa Russell is a co-author

If you are not starting your business by asking yourself “Why?”, then you are starting in the wrong place.

Five main questions should be answered when contemplating starting a business - What, Why, How, When and Where? Often women entrepreneurs do not give thought to the order of these, yet research by top universities shows the most important is Why? Compiled by Purvi Tantia, this book tells the stories of 23 powerful women from around the world, who share the fears and aspirations which led to their Why. This book should be the starting point for any woman wanting to understand the Power of Why in her life.

There has never been a better time to define the power of why around female entrepreneurs than today. In this timely book, you will learn that there is no perfect “Why” to start a business, and your unique “Why” sets you apart from other women and other businesses. Told with a mix of storytelling, quotes and anecdotes and told completely form a female perspective, this book is the breakout for which you are searching.