Why we Give

At Creative U we think it is important to give back, money is a flow of energy and by sharing what we have it keeps the cycle of sharing and profits in alignment. Plus we love these organizations and support them wholeheartedly. 

Universal Law #2 Give to Receive: 
The universe acts in dynamic reciprocal. Nothing stands still. The flows of our life situation, money, romance, our health, are all mirrors of our flow of energy in harmonious interaction with our field of existence. Our bodies, our minds, our thoughts, are all in constant and dynamic exchange with the forces of the universe. We are able to accelerate/maintain this exchange by giving exactly what it is we wish to receive. The term "affluence," or affluere, means to flow in abundance. Money is symbolic for energy. It is a form of energy. Like the word "current" when referring to water, currency is a reflection of the term money and its function. It allows an efficient exchange of energy. 

Art for Freedom - Help Heal Ukraine

In March 2022 we started a fundraiser to help humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Our government was matching donations up to March 18, 22. WE thought that would be the end of this fundraiser. We did donate over $4000 on March 18 and sadly we saw there was still a need for more. The autracities bing inflicted on Ukraine are heartbreaking. My wife's family is from Ukraine and we felt we needed to do something.

We have kept the fundraiser going and we donate each month the money raised through our efforts. 

Donate today and receive free healing with creativity sessions. More information on our Art for Freedom Page


Queer Voicez tells the stories of the LGBT+ Community in the hopes that the young people listening will learn they are not alone. ​The funds raised go towards registering the not-for-profit, as well as the running of a podcast and the eventual publishing of a book being written by the community. ​

​Queer Voicez got started from an idea Larissa had about sharing people's stories. She often had people tell her that she should share her life story, and she never really found it all that profound, it was her life, what was the big deal. And then one day she was reading some personal coming out stories on an LGBT+ forum for National Coming Out Day and was so impressed at the bravery of the people telling their stories, some were sad and emotional, some were happy and some were just very comfortable. She loved them all and that was the point where she wanted to tell people's stories, she could see now the beauty in people's stories.

Positive or negative the sharing of stories is how our young people will find their way. Positive stories help remind them that coming out is not always negative and negative stories remind them that even if you have a negative experience that things will get better. Our suicide rate among the LGBT+ population is more than double that of heterosexual youth and more than 30% of LGBT youth have attempted suicide, and these rates don’t drop until after they come out and have people who accept them. This means even if they come out later they are still at high risk for self-harm. This is unacceptable. We must be there to support our youth.


 You can find Queer Voicez at 
or on FB here.


Since it was founded in 2003, the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts has been home to one of Edmonton’s most interesting art collectives, made up entirely of artists with developmental disabilities. What began as a collective of one has grown to include almost 200 members, whose work has been shown throughout Canada and the world.

In the studio, artists are supported by a rotating team of professional, practicing artists who facilitate the work through one-to-one mentorship, small group sessions and workshops. Artists at the Nina work in a variety of mediums: drawing, painting, clay, fibre arts, performing arts and more.
In addition to our studio, the Nina operates the Stollery Gallery, dedicated to presenting work from artists outside of the mainstream, including members of our collective. Finally, we offer the work of our artists for sale through our shop—onsite and online—where you can find great original work at affordable prices.

​If you would also like to donate to the Nina Haggerty you can do so here.