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Showing the Connection between Healing and Creativity. Larissa Russell the owner of Creative U interviews Creatives, Healers and people who have healed using creativity (eg: Abuse survivors, Cancer survivors). Listen as these amazing people share their connection between healing and creativity.

Episode 101 featuring Jules Ostara: Bloom Bright

Jules and I spoke about all things creative and the energy we bring to our healing through creativity

Episode 100 featuring Heather Hoeps: The Emotion of Creating

Heather and I spoke about healing through creativity and how having been through a journey of healing brings us to a place of being able to help others authentically. She also shared about how she helps others along their journey.

Episode 99 featuring Iris Fritschi-Cussens: Overcoming the Perfectionist Self

Iris and I talked about the healing aspects of art and learning to let go of the perfectionism that holds us back. Creating space for ourselves to heal, create, learn, and grow.

Episode 98 featuring Blake Farha: What is ‘Making It’?

Blake and I spoke of following our passions, and healing through creativity and how necessary that is. We also had a conversation about what ‘making it’ means.

Episode 97 featuring Lena Dolter: It’s Not All Okay, but You Are

Lena and I spoke about needing to put ourselves first, to listen to our bodies, and to feel okay with where we are at regardless of what society deems acceptable. We also talked about the masculine energy of the world and the shift that is happening.

Episode 96 featuring Thomas Allbaugh: Suicide and Grief

Trigger Warning - Suicide

Thomas and I spoke of the loss of his youngest son to suicide and how that has affected the way he now listens to people and how he navigates the world

Episode 95 featuring Robert Sturman: Humanity through a Lens

Robert and I spoke of peace and equality for all, and the change you can choose. Robert shared about his journey and how he stepped into his passion and why that is important.

Episode 94 featuring Nikki Starcat Shields: The Birthing of Ideas

Nikki and I spoke of creativity and how it helps you to open up to other forms of creativity. AS well as the ebb and flow of productivity and allowing ourselves the space for downtime.

Episode 93 featuring Nicky Scorpio: Irregular

Nicky and I spoke about being an outsider and looking at the world from a different perspective.

Episode 92 featuring Katie Chonacas: Creating Space to Be!

Katie and I talked about everything, and then some. How our minds work, how creativity opens us up, how to regenerate and move through the world.

Episode 91 featuring Kerri Hummingbird: Follow the Voice Within

Kerri and I spoke of healing, learning, creating, and becoming your best self by listening and learning from your own self. Kerri also shared about her new book ‘Healing the Mother Wound’.

Episode 90 featuring Rachel West: Are you Just Going Through the Motions of Life?

Rachel and I talked about changing careers, finding our passion, and being true to our authentic ourselves.

Episode 89 featuring Riana Milne: Ten Childhood Traumas that Affect us as Adults

Riana and I spoke about the ten childhood traumas that affect us as adults and how we learn about relationships in life. Plus a few tips on what we can do to make changes.

Episode 88 featuring Robert A Belle: What you Believe is True

Robert A Belle is a transformational speaker and author who helps people who feel stuck in their career or life journey to break away from the “norm” and find new paths that reveal their true value.

Episode 87 featuring ST Rappaport: Exploring with Your Non-dominant Hand

ST and I had a great conversation about challenging our minds, stepping out of our own way, and overcoming obstacles.

Episode 86 featuring Gloria Grace Rand: Love and Acceptance

Gloria and I talked about love and acceptance for self and others. We need to step into loving ourselves and that opens us up to accepting others.

Episode 85 featuring Corbie Mitleid: The Business of Woo

Corbie and I spoke about the psychic world and her 50 years of experience. Corbie is a Cancer Dancer and has moved forward in life to share her passion for helping people.

Episode 84 featuring Candy Leigh: A Road Trip of a Life Time

Candy and I spoke of journeying through change and what we can take forward with us and what we need to accept has changed.

Episode 83 featuring Kate Milne: The Importance of Movement for your Creativity

Kate and I spoke of how the sedentary life of Covid is wreaking havoc on our bodies, and how movement can inspire our creativity.

Episode 82 Featuring Hali Karla: The Path to Balance

Hali and I spoke of nature as the muse, and creativity as the healer. We also spoke of the perceived value of the arts.

Episode 81 featuring Kimberly Crowe: Step Out of the Way

Kimberly and I spoke about spirit guiding her to where she needed to go in life, and how she found and started to use her mystic gift.

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