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Showing the Connection between Healing and Creativity. Larissa Russell the owner of Creative U interviews Creatives, Healers and people who have healed using creativity (eg: Abuse survivors, Cancer survivors). Listen as these amazing people share their connection between healing and creativity.

Episode 56 featuring Waymatea Ellis: Finding and Using Your Voice 

Waymatea and I had a great conversation about finding and using your voice, and about the challenges of our time.


Lauren and I had a great conversation about writing and using it for healing and how when we get our story out we can open into even more creativity.

EPISODE 54 FEATURING Your Host Larissa Russell Answering MORE Personal Growth Questions

Trigger Warning: Suicide and Violence

I found this list of 50 Questions to Answer for Personal Growth. Last week I answered the first 25 and this week I answer the last 25. See the show notes to download a copy of the questions for yourself.

EPISODE 53 FEATURING Your Host Larissa Russell Answering Personal Growth Questions

I found this list of 50 Questions to Answer for Personal Growth. It's my birthday so it seemed like a great way to start the year. See the show notes to download a copy of the questions for yourself.


Melissa and I got into a subject that may be heated for some, but I felt I had to speak my truth. It may not be everyone's truth and that is okay, I understand that. We definitely spoke more about health and healing today than about the creative side of healing, However creativity is absolutely in the choices we make for our health. Listen with an open mind to our discussion. 

Have feedback, let me know.


Chelsey Benzel and I had a conversation about how creativity is in everything we do and allowing our energies to flow where they need to. Leap and the net will appear is the motto she lives by.


I had a fascinating conversation with Fortune, about his life, his healing, and his path to where he is now. Fortune was on the fast track to success with a ball scholarship to College, and then that fast track got too fast and he ended up in a life of drugs and ended up in prison. Listen in to find out how he used his creativity to heal and completely change his life.


Deborah Epstein and I had an amazing talk about the healing journey and how we move through different levels of healing. We talked about looking at our traumas and how creativity is in everything we do.


Don & I sat down to talk about his healing journey through terminal cancer, and the book he wrote about what he deems his miracle.


Lisa McGrath and I had a wonderful conversation about her spiritual journey through Spain’s Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, and how it changed her life and is reflected in the work she does now.


I have to admit that I did not know Shanna Forrestall before we met, but I am so glad we met. She is an amazing human full of resilience and strength. We had a beautiful conversation about love and hardship. We talked about how we grow through trauma and how creativity is that healing outlet to allow ourselves to grieve, process and move forward in our lives with love and empathy.


I had a lovely conversation with Heather about creating and the healing aspects of creation.

Heather is the author of the new book, The Art of Holding Space: A Practice of Love, Liberation, and Leadership


I have to say that I adore Wendy, she is a Scottish best selling Murder Mystery Writer with such an interesting life story. She was a co-author for the Power of Why book, and it soared to the bestselling charts with her help.


Note: This interview is not for the faint of heart. There is swearing, we talk Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and about LGBT+ youth suicides. Plus we finished up by talking about being on the autism spectrum...We also talk about creativity and healing amongst all that. And, there is also a lot of laughter.


I had a great conversation with Nicole, about walking our talk and doing what we tell others to do. How important that is for keeping yourself on track. Also knowing your why of what you do… or want to do.


I had a great conversation with Fatima and after I stumbled with the tongue twister we talked about being in service to others and what that means and how she has used creativity in her life to help her heal in different ways.

Fatima is one of my co-authors of the book ‘The Power of Why’, read about our stories and our why for getting into business.

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