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Showing the Connection between Healing and Creativity. Larissa Russell the owner of Creative U interviews Creatives, Healers and people who have healed using creativity (eg: Abuse survivors, Cancer survivors). Listen as these amazing people share their connection between healing and creativity.

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Podchaser - Creative Soul Healing Podcast

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Episode 137 featuring Michaell Magrutsche: The Importance of Being Human

Larissa and Michaell spoke about neurodiversity, the importance of being human, and how our systems should not be our priority, our humanness should be. Embrace your being.

Episode 136 featuring Shanti Hershenson: No Excuses Now

Shanti and I spoke about setting time to write and how she fits it around her busy schedule as a 15-year-old freshman who is just getting ready to publish her 13th book.

Episode 135 featuring Olga Gurts: Dance with the challenges of life

Olga and I spoke about motherhood, seeing yourself as healer, and expressing our creativity.

Episode 134 featuring Jennifer Elizabeth Moore: Empathic Mastery

Jennifer and I spoke about happy accidents, using the creative process for good, and Empathic Mastery

Episode 133 featuring Naranjan Nota: The Invitation to Unfold

Naranjan and I spoke about the invitation to unfold, finding your flow, and space within yourself to create. course.

Episode 132 featuring Tamara Sagathevan: Sit in Your Sh*t

Tamara and I spoke about her experiences growing up during the South African apartheid, and how that has influenced her life. We also spoke about the messiness of life and being afraid and doing it anyway.

Episode 131 featuring Christina Keim: Winding Journeys

Christina and I spoke spoke about the winding creative journey, and the importance of a safe artistic community.

Episode 130 featuring Stacey Maney: Unconditional Love

Stacey and I spoke about bringing unconditional love into life, and the necessity of balancing feminine and masculine energies.

Episode 129 featuring Judy Woods: Sweet spot

Judy and I spoke about her healing journey, and finding your sweet spot as an artist.

Episode 128 featuring Deborah Epstein: Healing Journeys

Deb and I talked about, oh so many things, whenever we get together you know it will be a great conversation. We discussed healing and how it is never really done, we discussed being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable as you grow, heal and transform, and so much more.

Episode 127 featuring Joshua Rodriguez: What is Shame Stopping you from Healing?

Joshua spoke very candidly about shame and how it stops us from living our authentic lives, we also spoke about the healing work we do and how we may come at it from different angles, ultimately we are working towards the same goal.

Episode 126 featuring Mel Hofmann: Oracle Cards

Mel and I spoke about her art journey, and how she came to make her oracle deck.

Episode 125 featuring Dr Minette Riordan: Sacred Circles

Dr Minette and I spoke about sacred circles, the healing effects of being creative, and the creative process.

Episode 124 featuring Karin Huehold: Finding Your Own Creative Voice

Karin and I spoke about the effects of Covid on her business, and the importance of an artist finding their own voice.

Episode 123 featuring Erin Reed: Turning Passion into a Business

Erin and I spoke about her healing with creativity journey, turning her passion into her business, and the importance of being paid what you are worth as a creative.

Episode 122 featuring Lauri Ingram: Pay Attention to What Your Soul is Telling You

Lauri and I spoke about not waiting for a major life event before you start listening to what your soul is telling you. Pay attention while you still have time.

Episode 121 featuring Sue Young: Do Your Creativity for You

Sue and I spoke about Creativity for wellness and about balancing our masculine and feminine energies. We all need the balance to be whole and feel complete.

More Great Episodes

Episodes 1-40
Episodes 41-80
Episodes 81-120
Podchaser - Creative Soul Healing Podcast

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