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Upcoming Workshops


February - Pendulums

Learn to make your own beaded pendulum. Learn how to use the pendulum. How to read it, why you need it, and how it helps you make decisions based on your personal energy.

Includes information workbook.

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Are Pedulums Magic?

Nope, not magic, although it may seem that way sometimes. Pendulums are an amazing tool that pick up on the subtle energies of your body. They don't give you the answers, they read the answers to make it clearer for you. It is like listening to "gut" without trying to figure out if you are hungry, thirsty or ready to take a leap of faith.

Discover why you want to make your own pendulum and how to use it

In this workshop we will create our own pendulums, talk about the use and care of pendulums and discover how to use them in different ways. Included is the Pendulum workbook and recording of the workshop.

March - Chakra Painting

Discover the energy of chakras in this workshop while exploring your Root Chakra in an intuitive painting.

Meditation, creativity, and self exploration all wrapped together.


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What is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive Painting is an opportunity to explore the inner self through the creative process in a safe, critic free environment. This approach to painting is focused on mindfulness, creative permission and the act of spontaneous expression. There is no prior painting experience necessary.

Explore Your Root Chakra

Join us as we delve into the energies of the root chakra through meditation, journaling, and intuitive painting.

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