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What can help you be your best you?

Adding creativity to your life has been shown to;

lower stress,

help with depression,

help create social networks that alleviates loneliness,

helps you to work through emotions,

to feel happier and more centered,

it has also been proven to be a great way to work through traumas that you have experienced in your life.

Creativity has also been shown to help with physical symptoms like;

decreasing pain,

clearing brain fog and increasing memorization,

decreasing anxiety,

lowering blood pressure,

and even boosting your immune system.

Whether you need to relax, to calm your anxiety, or maybe you have an illness and need a boost to see you through, creativity is a great healing tool. I personally have suffered from severe depression and creativity has been my salvation.

In this monthly membership you will recive guided exercises, journaling prompts, worksheets, creative exercises, videos, group coaching and more.

Healing with Creativity Membership

Bi-weekly content, journaling prompts, once a month live group coaching, private community

Soul Creative Membership

Everything in Healing with Creativity, plus Morning Calm, Step Into Your Authenticity, and Creative You!...Plus so much more.

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Healing with Creativity & Next Level Soul Creative

Monthly Memberships


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Healing Exercises

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Live Group Coaching Calls

Exclusive Private Group

And so much more


Healing with Creativity Membership


  • Bi-weekly Content - videos, exercises, worksheets on healing with creativity
  • Journaling prompts
  • Live group coaching/check-in once a month
  • Private community
  • Monthly value of over $130 
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Soul Creative Membership


  • SPECIAL Trial of $47 for 30 Days
  • Bi weekly Content - videos, exercises, worksheets on healing with creativity
  • Journaling prompts
  • Live group coaching/check-in twice a month
  • Private community
  • Access to the 'Morning Calm' guided meditations
  • Access to 'Authentically You!' course content
  • Email coaching, up to 6 a month
  • Accountability partners (if wanted)
  • plus more opportunities 
  • Monthly value of over $500 
SPECIAL TRIAL $47 for 30 Days