Ever Wonder where I get those things I talk about and/or use?


From different places, but I thought I would share with you. Please note for many of the items on this page I am an affiliate. Which means that I get a small percentage when you order via this page, it however does not mean you pay any extra. I only add things here that I love.

Below you will see some of my favorite items.

NOTE: If you can support a local small business, please do that first.

Creativity Journal

One of my favorite items. I created it so I could use it daily. A great way to start the day. 

Creativity Journal II

I created this journal in the similar way of the the first one, except maybe you are new to journaling and aren't quite up to doing 3 pages a day.

A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

Quick easy read. Keep it in your back pocket to remind yourself each day. 

Gratitude: How to live with joy and gratefulness

Easy steps to incorporate into your day to bring more abundance and gratitude into your life.

The Power of Why

If you are not starting your business by asking yourself “Why?”, then you are starting in the wrong place.

Tombow Markers

These wonderful water soluble markers can enhance your art journal, your daily journaling, or even your watercolor paintings.

I love the vibrant colors.

Journals & Paper


I love journals. I have so many, journals for writing, for art, for sketching, I love journals for the way they look and feel. In my opinion you can never have too many journals.

There are so many types of paper for every medium you can think of. I often try out different papers, even if it is not "intended" for that medium. I like to see what will happen

Sketchbook Project

Take part in a global sketchbook project. Order yours today.

Other Fun Supplies


In my opinion you can never have too many art supplies. Here are some other things I love to use.

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