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Our Amazing 2023 Transcendence Sessions

Larissa Russell, your Host, is the Founder of Creative U Healing. She has studied many modalities in the Spiritual realm, she works with her intuition and Spiritual guidance to help women learn to tap into their own intuition and healing, to feel comfortable with their boundaries, as well as find and tap into their own infinite possibilities in life.

Larissa Russell - Open to Possibilities

Join us as we explore the profound concept of being receptive to whatever may unfold, allowing the discomfort of uncertainty to settle within us, paving the way for personal growth and unparalleled opportunities. Delve into the transformative practice of embracing the unknown, unlocking new perspectives, and cultivating a mindset primed for incredible possibilities. 

Deborah Epstein is an artist, shamanic ceremonial artist and ritualist, transformational creativity guide and coach. She has been supporting women to create from their soul alignment to live in an empowered life. She has been working in the healing arts for over 20 years. She is the CEO and Lead Dreamer at the Cosmic Dreaming Lodge in Sedona, Arizona- A place of magic and enchantment to heal, dream and create.

Deborah Epstein - Opening the Door of Creative Perceptions

Ceremony and ritual practices are an art in and of themselves. In this session, Deborah guides your through a ceremonial opening of your perceptions to create an art medicine piece to support your spiritual growth and evolution.

Destiny Hwang is a healer and intuitive. While she is trained in both the Usui and Karuna Reiki lineages and incorporates Reiki into her healing work, her healing sessions mostly consist of Shamanic techniques and energy techniques that sheā€™s created or learned from her guides. Her focus is always on healing all parts of the person, not just the physical body, but rather the emotional body, the spiritual body, and the pain body.

Destiny Hwang - Meet Your Creativity Guide

We all have spirit guides assisting us from the other side. Those of us that are creators have a special guide to support us with our creations called our Creativity Guide. Come join us as I explain a little about who this guide is, how to work with them, and then we will meet your guide so you can begin cultivating a relationship with them.

Aimee Blair is an Intuitive Artist, teacher, Creativity Coach and Certified Art Medicine Practitioner. She is the founder of Creative Compass, a supportive online community for creative explorers, and the author of the adult coloring book, Feminine Forms: A Guidebook for Reconnecting with The Feminine. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three daughters. She believes creativity is a non-optional part of human well-being and loves helping people re-connect to their Creative Heart.

Aimee Blair - Season Wheel

An Intuitive exploration of the creative energy present in each of the four seasons.  Create a simple art piece to help you tune into the shifting energy of the seasons.

Celia Barsby is a Creative Visionary and now your personal Cosmic Soul Guide. Celia creates a safe space for women seeking inner joy and connection to their own wisdom. You can find your passion for living in creative flow with the Universe and recalibrate your life so that it becomes vibrant and magical, full of self-discovery and purpose. Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you. You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey..

Celia Barsby - Connect With Your Spirituality

Creating an altar can be a powerful way to connect with your spirituality. An altar is a sacred space that you can customize to your own needs and beliefs, making it a highly personalized and meaningful tool for spiritual practice. It can serve as a visual reminder of your spiritual growth and can help you to develop a deeper sense of connection to the divine, or to your own inner wisdom. In this session you will explore ritual as part of your Daily Practice, connecting with the 5 Directions and 5 Elements. You will awaken your senses and experience the power of this meditative Soul Journalling process.

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Christina Miles lives in Northern California between two large cities. Her husband works in the city (SF) so he has long hours away from home. When she comes home from work she loves to spend time with her two (now one) kitty, then puts her art cap on! She considers herself a mixed media artist and strongly believes she does not create alone. Sometimes she can sense some kind of spiritual guidance.

Christina Miles - Fire Within

Fire Within is a negative watercolor painting. The Elemental Fire Archetype is about your light, warmth, danger, destruction, renewal and so much more! Chrissy shows you how to create this layered watercolor that ignites your fire within!

Bella Maldonado has been studying tarot for over a decade. Her family roots are based in Puerto Rico, but she's a native New Yorker and loves her city. While her specialty is reading for women over 40 who are looking to make a change, from switching careers to new opportunities in love, Bella reads for all who need insight from the tarot.

Bella Maldonado - Dissolving away stress with Neurographic Art

Dissolve your frustrations and make beautiful art at the same time. In this workshop, we're going to tap into our subconscious mind through art as we do a quick release of our stress. Neurographic art is a therapeutic process that helps us break old patterns of thinking to create new ones. This combination of art and psychology is a fun process to explore, especially for people dealing with stress, anxiety, chaotic thoughts, conflicts and obstacles.

Janice Gallant is an artist, writer, mystic and a guide for womenā€™s personal empowerment. She lives in Central Alberta with her family. Soulfully Aligned Women was created by Janice as she worked to integrate creative flow, manifesting and personal empowerment in her walk as a mystic. Janiceā€™s journey into the mystic path began back in 1995 when she trained under a shaman for several years.

Janice Gallant - Into the Mystic: A Creative, Meditative Journey into the Cave of your Heart

This journey is the art of deepening your relationship with the sacred, the source, the field, the flow...whatever you call it. When you place your intention and awareness onto this desire, the Universe responds instantly. Take a creative deep dive into the cave of your heart and hear the messages coming through for you.

Lauri Ingram is a curious seeker who guides others on their journeys of self-discovery. With a corporate IT background, she became an advocate for mindfulness in the workplace, discovering its benefits in reducing anxiety. She then pursued training in complementary healing practices, becoming a certified Cosmic Smashbooking Guide, Etheric Crystal Light Practitioner, Color Therapist, Usui Reiki Levels I and II practitioner, and Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner.

Lauri Ingram - Your Soul Message through Found Poetry

Tap into the wisdom of your higher self and spiritual guides,  and receive messages for your life journey through Found Poetry.

Sue Young is mixed media artist and online tutor, from Cornwall, UK. Proud single mum of two wonderful daughters, trained in both Fashion Textiles and in Fine Art . Like many creatives, she's had many jobs along the journey, working as a glass engraver, making custom accessories in a bridal house and managing a collective gallery to name just a few, always pursuing a passion for art and creativity.

Sue Young - Inner Eye - Letting Spirit Flow

Turn your focus inward, allowing Spirit to flow freely as you create a captivating mixed-media painting. Discover the beauty of expressing your inner world, tapping into your intuition, to reflect your unique journey of self-discovery.

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Michelle Lee is a holistic-living, dreamcatching mom and lifelong creative business owner. A heARTist inspired by the contrasts in life and natureā€•infusing her work with emotional, spiritual energy. Michelle's personal healing journey drives her to awaken othersā€™ co-creative artist through transformational workshops on her HeARTwoken Way. Her mystical fusion of art medicine and mind, body, spirit practices empowers healing, living and loving free by activating sensual soul connections within ourselves and to all things.

Michelle Lee - Get Out of Your Head to Free Your HeART

When you’re overwhelmed, overthinking, or overdoingā€•Spirit is calling you to FEEL from the heart. Through this mystical fusion of meditation, journaling, and intuitive art medicine (aka “let’s play!”), you’ll kick monkey mind to the curb and enter a sacred space of surrender. Expressing the left-brain imbalance of day-to-day routine and building harmony through right-brain, heart-centered creative flow. This practice clears your mental clutter and shines the light of your free heart, inspired by your highest self to connect to the divine within.

Jules Ostara is a homeschool mother, painter, poet, and survivalist turned thrivivalist. She greets a blank canvas as both a playground and a temple. Her work inspires people to grow and glow while exploring their own wisdom and wonder in the process. Making art helped to mend her heart after her mom died from ovarian cancer. She's carrying on a legacy of love and zest for life.

Jules Ostara - On the Flip Side

Exploring the flip side of things through an unusual use of collage and finding revelations in the process. Choosing what we focus on while listening, revising, and revisioning to co-create our own set of cards with messages and marvels to enjoy.

Stacey Maney is an artist and creative guide. She creates with the frequency of unconditional love and teaches others how to do the same. Stacey works with other moms and women who are looking to love and express themselves in a bigger way than ever before. She holds space for a new generation of women who are empowered, fully supported, and nourished as they become powerful channels for their creative visions.

Stacey Maney - The Sacred Design of Your Heart

In this session, you get to dive deeper into the energy of your heart and create a vision board to support you as you bring your creative dreams to life. You’ll learn how powerful the heart is and how to navigate this sacred landscape within while connecting to and embodying the highest frequency of love.

Louise Gale is a British mixed media artist and author of the book ā€˜Botanical Mandalasā€™ and accompanying 'Coloring Botanical Mandalas' book. She creates in her art studio which is on the south coast of Spain overlooking the sea, tiny fishing boats and the Moroccan coastline in the distance. Louise loves to combine the healing power of nature with the meditative process of mandala creating which result in her beautiful Botanical Mandala designs.

Louise Gale - Mini Color Energy Portal Paintings

Join me to intuitively paint inside a circle. We let the watercolor dance inside the sphere to form shapes and patterns.  We will then intuitively add our own marks using white and gold to create our own personal color energy portals in Indigo and Violet.

You can use these as a simple art making practice, to mediate or to use as backgrounds for your projects. You can add affirmation to create mini cards and go on to create in all colors of the chakras.


Mellissae Lucia is an Artist and indie deck creator who navigates her life through the power of sacred play. Her award-winning Oracle of Initiation deck was birthed during a seven-year quest after the death of her husband when she created over 70,000 ritualistic photographs for this fierce and fluid otherworldly Oracle to navigate these dynamic times.

Melissae Lucia - Serendipity Day: Permission to Play All Around YOU!

The world is awake, alive, and anxiously awaiting you to come and make some magic with it. It’s time to give yourself permission to play, reanimating your life by stepping into the kaleidoscope of possibilities and seeing what unexpected joy emerges. Serendipity Days are a wonderful way to open your channels to more delight, clarity, and inspiration simply by expecting enchantment and taking the next step into adventure right out your back door.

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Alisha Wielfaert is a life coach and an expert facilitator skilled in the art of gathering women for meaningful connection and deep dives into spirituality and creativity. She is the founder of Yoke and Abundance, a platform committed to amplifying the emerging voices of women through her wise women podcast, press publishing arm, and individual and group coaching programs. Her first book, the best-seller, ā€œLittle Failures: Learning to Build Resilience Through Everyday Setbacks, Challenges, and Obstacles,ā€ was published in May of 2022.

Alisha Wielfaert - 10 Steps to Waking Your Inner Wise Woman

In this workshop, we discuss how transitions are a call to transformation.  We answer that call by taking deliberate steps to grow.  These are the 10 steps my clients walk as they access the tools that help them become the most authentic versions of themselves in transition.

Angela Grasse is an artist driven by an openness to challenges and a willingness to take on new opportunities. She engages her creativity in as many endeavours as she is able. She is a multi-disciplinary artist and has created installations, film, photography, artist books and textile art.

Angela  Grasse - Mandala Meditation Workshop

Discover the art of creating Mindful Mandalas as you combine creativity and mindfulness, allowing you to cultivate inner peace. We will create two Mindful Mandalas.

Fran Riley is a professional artist, therapist and workshop leader living in France. She has a first class degree in Art and Psychology and an MA in Art Therapy. She delights in supporting others in finding their creative voice and wisdom. She has a long standing interest in the Chakra system and uses it to inform her work.

Fran Riley - Little Book of Transcendence

Create a mini book, capturing the inspirations that emerge from a soothing chakra meditation, resulting in a tangible reminder of your personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Elizabeth Sanchez is a seasoned spiritual practitioner who has dedicated over 29 years to women's wellness as a Holistic Health & Wellness practitioner. Her mission is to empower women to stand in their power, attract abundance, build healthy relationships, and live their best lives with renewed passion and joy.

Elizabeth Sanchez - The Miracle Mindset

A Soulful Woman’s Guide to Unlocking Happiness and Joy Using a Miracle Mindset.

Britt-Marie Lƶw is a Reiki Master, Ayurveda therapist Feng Shui consultant and uses colors for healing

Britt-Marie Löw - Intuitive Mandala Painting

Unleash your creativity and connect with your inner self as you tap into your intuition to create. Using the power of mandala creation and your spirit animal as a guiding force, resulting in a unique and personalized expression of harmony and transformation.

Larissa Russell is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Coach, and Healer. The Founder of Creative U, an online coaching and learning platform that helps women draw, write, create, meditate, and work through their spiritual being to heal themselves. Larissa is the host of the Creative Soul Healing Podcast interviewing creatives, healers, and people who have healed with the help of creativity.

Larissa Russell - Journaling for Self-Awareness

Dive deep into the wealth of knowledge and insights you've gained throughout the summit, as you intimately explore the profound discoveries and emotions that have surfaced within you. Uncover the hidden gems of self-awareness and gain a clearer understanding of your unique journey, empowering yourself with a newfound sense of purpose and personal growth. Let the pages of your journal become a sacred space where healing unfolds, guiding you towards a profound understanding of yourself and the path that lies ahead.

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