Embracing Connection with Spirit: Navigating Self-Transformation in a Changing World

In the journey of self-discovery and healing, our connection with Spirit plays a vital role in guiding us toward personal growth and transformation. As individuals, we have the power to change ourselves, but we cannot control or change others. It is through inner work and healing that we can alter our energy and navigate the world with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose. However, this path is not without its challenges. As we evolve and grow, we may find that certain people in our lives fall away or respond with resistance. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of this journey, exploring the transformative power of healing work, the importance of responsible communication, and the role of self-reflection in our connection with Spirit.

Embracing Change and Letting Go

As we embark on the path of self-transformation, it's natural for fear and uncertainty to arise. The familiar and comfortable may start to feel stagnant, and we may need to release attachments to...

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The Phoenix Within: Transforming a Life Crisis into a Journey of Self-Discovery

Hey there, fellow wanderers of the wild and unpredictable adulting realm!  Today I’d like to take you on a little journey that explores the untamed wilderness of the proverbial life crisis.

I know, I know, I feel like I can already hear you saying, “Oh no, this sounds like it’ll be really depressing.”  But, stick with me here, because I would like to offer the perspective that going through my own life crisis was actually one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Sure, it can be kind of terrifyingly depressing at first (I’m not one who is going to flat-out lie to you), but I also think that it can end up being a much-needed kick in the pants in life if you open yourself up to receive its bigger message.  Much like anything else, though, it’s all about your perspective and what you choose to do with the experience.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity to share my hot take on it and provide some new, fresh...

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Some of My Favorite Art Supplies

Art supplies can be very personal, and everyone will tell you something different,  but if you don't know where to start, here are a few of my absolute favorites for creating.

Gesso is a must-have for painting and art journaling, the brand I use typically is Liquitex. I buy it in larger containers and add smaller amounts to a jar for ease of access, plus it keeps it cleaner. I think most brands would be fine I just know and love Liquitex.

Matte Medium

I typically use Golden Matte Medium as my all-things collage adhesive, any time you need to stick something down this is perfect. Liquitex also has a great Matte Medium that I occasionally get. Matte is the finish, it also comes in gloss, but that to me is more for a final coat.

Gel Matte Medium is great for sticking things that are a little thicker or are not completely flat. It is also great to add to your paint to make it a bit more heavy bodied so you can add some texture. Again, I use Golden, but I am sure...

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How the CTFAR Method Can Help You Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are thoughts and ideas that hold you back from reaching your goals in life. They can be the invisible walls that prevent you from taking the next big step or even reaching for a goal that seems out of reach. These negative thought patterns can be incredibly difficult to defeat because they are often deeply ingrained in our subconscious mind.

However, the CTFAR method, which stands for Circumstance, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results, is a powerful framework that can help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs. Let's take a closer look at each component of the CTFAR method:

Circumstance: This is the objective situation or event that triggers your thoughts.

Thoughts: These are the interpretations or meanings that you attach to the circumstance. They are often based on our past experiences, beliefs, and values.

Feelings: These are the emotional responses that your thoughts create. They can range from positive emotions, such as happiness and excitement, to...

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Feminine Intuition Challenge

Each day of the 5-Day Feminine Intuition Challenge we ran March 27-31, 2023 

Day 1

Today, we'll explore the basics of intuition and how you can recognize it in your life.

Take a few deep breaths and tune in to your body. Notice any physical sensations you may be experiencing. These sensations can be an indicator of your intuition. Trust your gut feeling, and allow yourself to follow its guidance.

Today's exercise is intuitive journaling. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and center yourself. Write down any questions or concerns that are on your mind. Without thinking too much, write down the first response that comes to mind. This response is likely coming from your intuition, so pay attention to it and trust it.

Day 2

Today, we'll focus on cultivating trust in yourself and your intuition.

Think of a decision you need to make. Take a few deep breaths and tune in to your body. Notice any physical sensations you may be experiencing. Now, ask yourself: "What is my intuition...

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Why Productivity in Art is Overrated

Over the past few years as I’ve been doing more and more art, I have kept hearing comments like “You should start trying to sell that”, “if you finished enough pieces you could exhibit”, and similar comments that all seem tied to the idea that I should become some sort of art machine or production line. I have visions of the person talking to me assuming that I am in a little workshop somewhere churning out copies of Van Gogh’s Starry Night for pennies on the pound.

Recently I have been listening to an audiobook written by Nick Hornby called Dickens and Prince: A Particular Kind of Genius. In this short tome (which I highly recommend, Mr. Hornby is a fine writer and observer of the British character, and no, I’m not paid to write this recommendation) the author makes the following points

Dickens' first long novel is The Pickwick Papers, before he finishes publishing it, he starts publishing Oliver Twist, and before he finishes publishing...

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Mindful Mandala Art

Over the years, I have created more than 1000 mandalas. Each mandala is an exquisite sanctuary that holds the transformative power of creativity and soothing meditation. This mindful practice anchors me into the present moment where I find peace and balance.  

This sacred circle has aided my ability to focus and concentrate.  I feel balanced and at rest.  Mandalas are an exercise in connecting with my deeper self.  They have aided me in opening up to new ideas and explorations.  Allowing each mark to work its magic aids me in practicing self-tenderness and compassion.  Recognizing my unlimited soul as a perfect place for rest.  This place where I am always enough.

Carl Jung calls the circle the archetype of wholeness.  Wholeness means complete and lacking nothing.  Harmony and unity, infinite, and eternity are notions also connected to the circle.  It makes sense that so many wisdom traditions make use of a circle  The...

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Self-Love: The Ultimate Gift this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is typically a day dedicated to celebrating love and affection between intimate partners, but it's important not to forget about the most important love of all - self-love. In today's fast-paced and demanding world, it can be easy to neglect our own needs and desires, but taking time to prioritize self-care and self-love is essential for our overall well-being.

Self-love refers to a positive and caring attitude towards oneself, recognizing and accepting one's own worth and value. It involves treating oneself with kindness, compassion, and respect, and it is the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling life. When we love ourselves, we are more confident, resilient, and able to handle life's challenges.

Here are some ways to cultivate self-love and celebrate yourself this Valentine's Day:

  1. Practice self-care. Self-care is an essential component of self-love, and it involves taking time to care for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This can include...

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Use Creativity to Embrace Change and Live Your Best Life

Change can be hard, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to discover and showcase your creativity. Whether it’s a change in your job, home, or lifestyle, creativity can help you make the most of the situation and live your best life.

Using your creativity is also a great way to relax at the end of a difficult day. Activities such as painting, crafting, music, and writing can help take your mind off of the stress and onto something more positive. Plus, it’s a great way to express yourself without saying a word.

Creativity is not just about producing works of art. It can also be used in everyday life to problem solve and make decisions. Thinking outside the box and considering different perspectives can help you come up with unique solutions to problems that may have been difficult to solve before.

Let’s explore some easy ways to use creativity to embrace change.

1. Think Outside the Box

The best way to use creativity to embrace change is to think outside the...

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Resolutions or Intentions?

The Oxford dictionary defines:




  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
    "she kept her resolution not to see Anne anymore"




  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.
    "she was full of good intentions"


Every year at this time we hear about resolutions and people ask what are resolutions are for the next year, and each year millions of people set resolutions, and typically by the end of January, they are forgotten. The gym is always busiest in January, the diet industry makes billions in January, and we vow to declutter, lose weight, get healthy, and more. But, it just doesn’t work.


Well first of all this is the season of rest, this is the time we should be hibernating, rebuilding our immune system, and rejuvenating our bodies with meditation, sleep, so much sleep, and time to reflect, and contemplate. It is not the time to set big goals and jump in with both feet and...

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