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You Become What You Believe You Are Worthy Of!

Worthy Book Club

Join us as we listen to, journal, and discuss 'Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life' by Jamie Kern Lima 

Starting April 11 through May 31, 2024

Each Weekday Morning at 8 am Eastern


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Yes, I am Worthy!


Awakening your Divine Feminine?

Awakening the Divine Feminine means focusing on the things that empower and create space within you. We live in a very masculine energy world, a world of go-go-go, that is focused on external success as opposed to a world that is reflective and receptive.

To balance, we will focus on the Divine Feminine energy of intuition and reflection.

Doors are open to join us for this season

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The Power of Prayer Flags 

Are you ready to bring the Power of Prayer & Gratitude to your Life? 

Gain more personal insight

Share sacred space with community

Delve into what is holding you back.

Find more peace, happiness, and transformation.

Create prayer flags as a symbol of your intentions

Doors are now open.

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Authentically You!

This Program is for you if...

You are a woman, most likely over 40 who has;

have given everything you have to everyone else and you feel like you have lost yourself

have given everything you have to the kids?

to your spouse?

to a job that you may or may not even like?

Are feeling really unsure about where you stand in the world right now.

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Morning Calm 

A New Morning Routine

A full library of audio meditations and journaling prompts. 

With the option to Join us Live each and every weekday for a guided meditation, journaling prompt, and discussion. 

It is a wonderful community of women and will become the bright spot in your day.


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Encore Summit Membership

Past summit content all in one place for one low monthly fee

Currently, there are over 150 creative sessions for you to access

Maybe you missed a summit, or you didn't know they were still available. We have been hosting summits for a few years and we have some amazing creative content available to you. It's been languishing in the basement waiting to see the light of day again. It's time.

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Chakra Painting Program


Self Paced Program


Explore the Energy of the Chakras and learn to use that energy to intuitively express yourself and heal.




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Are you building or Growing your Heart-Centered Online Business?


Creative U Business Can Help

Join our Free Creative U Business Community

Creative U Business Community



Your Feminine Divine

  • Group sessions
  • Book study
  • Meditation & Journaling
  • Creation time
  • Videos and live sessions

Awakening the Divine Feminine means focusing on the things that empower and create space within you. We live in a very masculine energy world, a world of go-go-go, that is focused on external success as opposed to a world that is reflective and receptive.

So to balance, we will focus on the Divine Feminine energy of rest and reflection.

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Morning Calm Membership

A New Morning Routine

Join a community of supportive women to start your day with calm.

Attend live sessions for one hour every weekday morning.

Get immediate access to our entire audio meditation library with multiple journaling prompts. 

Start your day with guided meditations, journaling, and healthy discussions.

Become a part of an encouraging group to brighten your mornings. 

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Encore Summit Membership

Past Summits Bundled Together for One Low Price

🎨 Currently includes 5 Past Summits

🎨 Currently includes over 100  Creative & Healing Sessions

🎨Cancel at any time

🎨 Past Courses & Programs

🎨 New content added regularly




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Our goal at Creative U is to help you Heal through Creativity. 

There has been vast research on creativity and how adding it to your life can help you lower stress, help with depression, create social networks that help alleviate loneliness, helps to work through emotions, to feel happier and more centered, it has also been proven to be a great way to work through traumas that you have experienced in your life.

Creativity has also been shown to help with physical symptoms like decreasing pain, clearing brain fog, and increasing memorization, while decreasing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and even boosting your immune system.

Whether you need to relax, calm your anxiety, or maybe you have an illness and need a boost to see you through, creativity can help. Larissa the founder of Creative U personally has suffered from severe depression and creativity has been the salvation that saved her.

Healing with Creativity

What is Creativity?

We often think about creativity as making something "Artistic", but in fact the root meaning of the word means 'to grow'. Creativity's by-products are some of the major achievements of civilization - from the invention of the wheel to our amazing technology we use today.

We are all creative individuals, but sometimes we don't feel like we are. If we can build our creative muscles it can help in so may areas of our lives. Creativity helps with our mental health, our careers, it makes life more interesting and fulfilling.

Many people don't identify as creative and believe they won't be able to make "art". The special surprise is that everyone is creative. No artistic talent is needed to participate in creative healing or to do creative activities on your own.

What is Healing through Creativity?

What if you could, draw, write, create, meditate, and work through your spiritual being to heal yourself; Physical, Mental and Emotional healing.

When we create something it moves from the internal (an idea) to the external (the expression).

  • We express thoughts and emotions that can be hard to put into words
  • We lower stress and anxiety
  • We relax and feel calmer and happier
  • We find meaning in life experiences
  • We find new ways to cope with grief and loss
  • We form new connections with others
  • We shift our focus away from pain or stressful thoughts to activities that are soothing, enjoyable and fun
  • We create something unique that gives us a sense of pleasure and accomplishment
Healing with Creativity

Larissa has been recognized as one of the Top Creativity Coaches by Coach Foundation

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