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Barbara Baumann

Barbara Baumann is an award-winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria. Her illustrations are published in several books, magazines and on TV and she loves sketching. She is giving drawing classes online and locally to thousands of students since 2015.

Female Dancer

A simple way to draw a female dancer - with splashes of color around.

Joyce van der Lely

is an Empowerment Guide + Dream Creator for multi-passionate Changemakers and Magical Misfits. She helps multi-passionate changemakers and Magical Misfits to make their mark + achieve more of their dreams and desires. Born in the Netherlands Joyce moved to the opposite side of the globe, to New Zealand, and has been living there since 1995. She had a really big awakening moment after losing almost all in the 2010/2011 earthquakes in Christchurch. It transformed her life and how she chose to work from then on. She knows first hand how to go from Chaos to Calm and how to rise back up like the mythical Phoenix. She uses her personal magic + medicine every single day so she can follow her dreams.

Gentle Nudges

Simple and effective ways to overcome the fear of the blank page, self-doubt, self-criticism, and just Begin.

Keren Tamir

is a self-taught mixed media artist. She loves to create and experiment with many different mediums and techniques. Creating gives her the opportunity to disconnect from day-to-day life and connect with her heart and soul. Her style evolves and changes just like her life and that’s one of the things she loves about art. She loves to create and is passionate about what she does and that’s why she loves teaching mixed media and art journaling techniques. She wants to help you tell your story through art, so you can get inspired, connect with your intuition and help your well-being. 

Find Beauty in Every Color

Are you afraid of messing up your artwork when you add color? What if there was a way to lessen that fear by experimenting with different painting techniques. Learn how to create your own unique mixed media collage pages and use pieces of each background to create a flower garden masterpiece.

Deborah Epstein

Is a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner, MFR therapist and spiritual creativity guide.
Deborah works in the creative, healing, and shamanic arts, she supports women to connect with their spiritual gifts, find their creative voices, and thrive in creating a life of their dreams.
Deborah currently offers 1:1 and group spiritual creativity guidance and mentoring sessions. She also offers unique and private 1:1 healing retreats utilizing creative expression, shamanic ceremony and MFR therapy in Sedona, AZ. Her newest project is the Cosmic Dreaming Lodge- a place to heal, dream and create.

The Color of Our Emotions

In this exercise we will tap into our positive emotions, where do we feel them in the body and what color are they?

Alice Wood

is an assistant at Creative U Healing, helping out with things behind the scenes so that Larissa can do more to help other folks. Alice first got into watercolor painting following medical treatment several years ago, when she was offered art therapy as part of her recovery. She found that painting calmed her brain and helped her to relax. After that, she never looked back. Alice likes to do cryptic crosswords and lives in the northeast of the UK. She regularly takes part in Create With Me! with Larissa on Tuesdays. She does not like writing about herself in the third person.

Investigating Different Colour Palettes

We will look at some of the different color palettes artists have used across time and the ways in which you can develop and change your own personal color palette.

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Amber Fife

lives on 4 wooded acres in South Jersey with her professor husband and homeschools her 4 children.  Amber felt something was missing, and she wanted to not feel crippled by anxiety. Her healing began in 2016 as she returned to her artistic roots and made time for creating on a regular basis. Finding so much success in her own life, Amber began Women Create Weekly in 2018, a blog and online membership to help women find themselves again through watercolor painting. She enjoys running both businesses and finding life balance on a daily basis.

Mountain Vista Watercolor Polaroids

learn about painting watercolor gradients and layering those gradients to create serene sunset vistas. These simple mini paintings bring peace as you contemplate ending each day with a grateful heart.

Judy Woods

graduated from the School of Fine Arts in 1985 and taught Art in secondary schools for 15 years.  In 2004 she left teaching to have children devoting her baby’s afternoon sleep time to painting. However, painting stopped again when the second child came along.In 2016 Judy’s father died which threw her wholeheartedly into painting again. Within 2 years she was winning National Awards and exhibiting internationally. Judy has returned to teaching, but now her students are adults from all over the world who take her online painting course stARTs. 

Color Harmony with Mixed Media

Using a method of building a painting in layers, we’ll incorporate collage, paint and dry media.  You’ll learn an easy process for creating harmonious color so that you’ll always know which color to mix next.

Erin Reed

brings a fun, romantic, and sometimes funky feel to her projects. She has been called the Queen of Layers!! She has been published in many magazines, books, and websites over her over 12+ years of professional crafting career. She has worked with and helped create products, video content, graphics, and booth design for a lot of big-name crafting companies. She has most recently launched her own digital content of graphics and SVG files for all kinds of fun, creative projects on her website 

Beginners Guide to Watercoloring: Printed or Stamped Images

Learn some basic tips of watercoloring images printed from your printer, or stamped on watercolor paper for making beautiful cards.

Jules Ostara

is a homeschool mother, painter, poet, and survivalist turned thrivivalist. She greets a blank canvas as both a playground and a temple. Her work inspires people to grow and glow while exploring their own wisdom and wonder in the process. Making art helped to mend her heart after her mom died from ovarian cancer. She's carrying on a legacy of love and zest for life. Jules is the author of "The Girl Who Dances With Delight" and "Born to Bloom Bright." Jules also created the "Heart of Life" and "Soul Songs" oracle card decks. She lives in the Blue Ridge mountains with twin boys, a guitar man, and a few feisty cats.

Playful Patterns

Exploring patterns in nature, art, and our lives. Playing with various ways to create, feature, and enjoy patterns, Making our own collage materials and semi-abstract visual compositions.

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Stacey Maney

work brings the Great Mother’s teachings into the world through her paintings, murals, film, children’s art, and podcast (Nectar: Sweet Musings for Your Creative Soul).
Stacey is an artist, yoga teacher, and mom of 2. She works with people who are looking to love and express themselves in a bigger way than ever before. Stacey holds space for a new generation of creatives who are empowered, fully supported, and nourished as they become powerful channels of unconditional love.

Create Your Own Chakra Mandala

Discover the unique colors of your chakras as you move through this guided visualization and art practice. At the end of this session you'll have your own chakra wheel that can be used for your personal healing and transformation. Use your wheel as a way to recenter, as a focal point for meditations, and/or a way to realign your chakras to their highest vibrations.

Christina Miles

is  a creative, an explorer, and one who is constantly reinventing herself as an artist. She has been creating art for many years and feels she still has a very long way to go as an artist. She is supported by her husband of almost 40 years and has two awesome sons who have had to endure her madness for many years. Christina has had some interesting adventures and travels throughout the years. She's been published in 3 magazines, taught many classes in person, and now is doing more online classes. Her newest addiction, however, is watercolor. Not only is she creating art, but she is also making her own paints now.

Confetti Fun

a super fun project where you will get your fingers loosened up.  Have no fear of getting messy as this project is one you will definitely want to wear your painting clothes.  Confetti is similar to an acrylic pour, but no torch or oils are used...just good ole paint and a little hot air...along with some bling bling. 

Tamara Sagathevan

is a South African Mixed Media Artist. She works through and expresses her experiences as a human in this world, using her art; to “Unearth Herself”. Tamara’s work is a combination of quirky characters, loads of colour, sometimes moving mechanisms and a good dose of humour. She uses these “light” techniques to explore or communicate not just the good, but also her darker experiences in child and adulthood. She brings these things to life, so she can see the parts of herself better, and understand them better, or sometimes just because they need to be uncovered within herself. You will find her in Warsaw Poland, with her partner and fur-goblin, making jokes, vlogs, and eating pierogi.

Quirky Bat

Create a fun and movable quirky bat with in this step by step process.

Rakefet Hadar

is an art therapist, author and artist. She holds a BA and MA in Design from Beckingshire University, England and a MA in Art Therapy from Lesley College.
Over the past 15 years, since her return to Israel, Rakefet has been working as therapist and developed the SoulPages which combines therapy and art in a Visual journal. 
Rakefet also teaches the ”SoulPages” method in the US,UK, Italy, Greece and other countries worldwide.
Her book “Elements of Visual Journaling” was published in 2019. It is the first publication to compile all elements of the SoulPages method.

Creating Abundance with the Three Magical Colors

The three primary colors: red, blue and yellow , can create all the colors in the universe. In my eyes these colors are magical. Working with these magical colors can bring abundance and transformation into our lives.

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Christina Keim

is a German mixed media artist based in Argentina. Her “adult art journey” started with pencil sketches, and took her through various twists and turns until she discovered Mixed Media Art and Cosmic Smash Booking. She’s very passionate about creating without pressure, finding spaces for contemplation, experimentation, healing, and self-discovery through art. Christina is a certified Cosmic Smash Book Guide, teaching workshops and guiding artists, creatives, and people who don’t think they’re creative at all (it doesn’t matter, because this is art anyone can make) through this magical process. She wants more people to discover how to create with joy and intention, heal and transform through art step-by-step to create a better, more colorful life.

Come Play in the Mud!!

Exploring the fun of mixing muddy colors, experiment, make a mess and see what emerges through the process of Cosmic Smash Booking on the page. 

Lauri Ingram

is a seeker of truth, motivated by her curiosity and desire to lead others on their own journeys of self-discovery. She understands that we all long to lead a fulfilled life, and that it is in the journey that we find fulfillment as we discover our personal truths.
As well as being a Cosmic Smashbooking Guide, she is certified as an Etheric Crystal Light Practitioner, Color Therapist, Usui Reiki Levels I and II, and as an Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, an advanced shamanic modality that uses past life regression to provide a profound opportunity to heal wounds and traumas, explore lives and lessons, ultimately connecting clients to their highest selves and to those beings that guide us. 

Working through Emotions with Color, A Cosmic Smashbook Process

We all encounter times when we are filled with uncomfortable emotions.  By linking color with these emotions and following the Cosmic Smashbook process, we may be surprised at what will emerge! 

Sue Young

is a mixed media artist based in Cornwall, UK. Sue has had a varied journey as a creative and has gained a wealth of experience along the way. She trained in Fashion and Textiles, as well as Fine Art and amongst other things she has worked designing tiaras and headdresses for a bridal house, a clothing designer and also as a glass engraver. As a single mum of two life held many challenges but Sue's artistic drive and passion for learning and developing as an artist was the one thing that kept her strong and sane no matter what life threw their way! Sue is deeply passionate about igniting creativity and artistic exploration and expression in others, teaching and sharing through online workshop, classes and occasional live broadcast creative events.

Whimsical Owl

Create a sweet and fun whimsical owl painting in mixed media, working from a simple palette of just two complementary colors.

Nina Rycroft

has been illustrating picture books since being awarded the CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) Notable Book in 2000. With more than a dozen picture books published worldwide, Nina has taught more than 50,000 students in her character design classes and her Picture Book Illustration e-Course. Nina’s bigger goal is to inspire, support and empower her creative community to follow their creative passion.

Picture Book Magic

Exploring ideas, stories, and characters with watercolor.

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Janice Gallant

is an artist, writer, and guide for women’s personal empowerment. She lives in Central Alberta with her family.  She was immersed in the art world through her father and his love of painting, and the family gallery and framing shop. Janice has studied under numerous artists and had some formal training, however, her inspiration comes from nature and she continues to grow and learn through the process of "just doing" and teaching others. Soulfully Aligned Women was created by Janice as she worked to integrate creative flow, manifesting and personal empowerment. She has always had a strong connection to this flow, what she calls her creative energy source.

Mother Earth Abundance

Enjoy this meditative painting journey that will open you to the flow of abundance and growth, releasing the feelings of scarcity and struggle that get in your way of creating in your life.

Rachel (Rae) Kentish

is a teacher, an artist, a creator, a geek, and a mom (of three boys). She loves all kinds of creating and has immersed herself in a lot of different media and crafts. Rae enjoys combining watercolors and watery supplies with different media and uses art as a meditative, mindful practice in her everyday life. Her mindfulness-based approach to creating is an integral part of her creative process and something which she invites students to explore with her. As a result of her mindfulness-based approach, she has been able to develop an internal voice which is more supportive and less judgmental and critical. 

Rainbow Mushroom Mandala

Explore creating a fairy ring of mushrooms in a range of different shapes and designs, using my mindfulness-based approach.

Deborah Meadows

began the study of natural alignment healing 35 years ago. After finishing an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts at age 45 and a Masters in Gifted Education/Teacher Leadership at 50, she began to teach and heal, combining visual arts, spirituality, reiki, and other energy medicine modalities. Alongside a successful career as a public school arts educator, Debby has guided humans of all ages on healing and transformative creative journeys. Debby's true passion is inspiring and empowering women to love their true authentic selves. Her artistic body of work focuses on the intertwining of the physical and spiritual worlds, the visible and the unseen. Her paintings have been shown and sold both locally and nationally.

Multitalented in a Niche World

Come with me on an intuitive, heart-centered creative journey where we will embrace ALL your talents, and explore how to use them for your good! 

Karin Huehold

is a well-known Canadian artist and has taught many workshops in western Canada. Her classes are lighthearted and lively! The focus of her workshops is to encourage, entertain and help students discover the joy of art making and of course, have fun!!

A Little Watercolor

This fun, fast-paced class geared to beginner and experienced painters alike. If you are new to watercolor you will have lots of fun learning watercolor techniques in a relaxed no pressure setting. Working on small watercolor paper you can play and learn to your heart's content.  You'll be delightfully surprised at how easy and gratifying this beautiful medium is.

Love our list of Presenters and all they have to offer

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Dr. Minette Riordan

is a risk-taker and curiosity seeker who loves jumping feet first into business building and art making. Her mantra is, “how hard can it be?” Minette is an artist, writer, award-winning entrepreneur, and advocate for creativity as essential to the well-being of all people and our planet. She is the creator of 'The Creative Compass'™, a simple and effective transformational tool for helping others to activate their creativity and map their purpose. She believes that when we are all working in our highest and best creative genius, we can solve all the world’s problems.

Scenic Views: Landscapes of the Soul

We will explore a poem by Mary Oliver and then create a mixed media art journal page in response to the poem.  Integrating mindfulness, personal growth, and creative practice into a unique visual journaling process.

Mellissae Lucia

is an award-winning artist, author, filmmaker, and educator. Her visionary Oracle of Initiation deck captures the spirit of a ceremonial moment as if stepping into a dream, opening us to worlds of myth, magic, and allegory.  Her sacred adventures include both small group and individual journeys into Georgia O’Keeffe’s hidden New Mexico landscape. She is currently writing a screenplay about her animist initiations in her German Grandparents’ Grimm’s fairytale home and teaching online courses. 

Unexpected Oracles: Technicolor Truths from Your Own Divination Deck

Make your own funky fun fortunes with random cards and materials you gather that will surprise you with the unexpected accuracy of their messages.

Shubhashree (Shub) Sangameswaran

is an illustrator, visual artist, and writer living in Bangalore, India. She is also a parent to a human and a cat. She loves to draw, cook, eat and dream about food, sometimes all at the same time. Her visual journals throughout the years trace her growth as an artist and as a person. Her big ambition in life is to get more and more people around the world (especially the ones who 'think' they can't draw!) drawing and journalling, and really be present in more moments in their lives. Life is fleeting, and the joy in taking time to appreciate and record the mundane is underrated!

Introduction to Art Journalling: Making Art a Part of Our Daily Lives

Learn about the what and why of art journalling, about getting into a daily art journalling habit and making it a part of our daily lives. 

Larissa Russell

Larissa is an Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Educator, Coach, and a Healer. She is the Founder of Creative U Healing, this online coaching and learning platform that helps women step into their authenticity with the help of creativity. Larissa is blessed to work with women who are ready to make change in their lives. As a master of change, through her life adventures, Larissa has a unique perspective that helps women learn and feel comfortable with their boundaries, as well as what they really want from their lives.

Creating Emotions in Color

When we can express our emotions they become easier to understand. Create your own colorful emotion wheel to help you pinpoint exactly what you are feeling.

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