Authentically You!

Are you prepared to embark on a journey to discover your authentic self?


 Are you experiencing a sense of frustration and confusion?

Perhaps your children have grown up and moved away, or you've recently experienced a shift in your personal life, and now you're looking to enhance your own existence.

Do you find yourself exhausted from continuously giving everything you have to others without any idea of how to alter this pattern?

If so, it may be time to focus on yourself and find your true passion. By connecting with your innermost self, you can achieve a sense of fulfillment that comes from within.

The path to self-discovery may not be easy, but it can be a life-changing experience that enables you to lead a more authentic and meaningful existence.

Therefore, don't be afraid to take the first step towards discovering your true self. It is possible to create a life that reflects your innermost desires and values.

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 Are you:

  • feeling unlovable
  • feeling overwhlemed
  • feeling like you are not "enough"
  • procrastinating
  • exhausted all the time
  • feeling insecure about making change
  • suffering from depression and/or anxiety
  • feeling a lot of fear about the future right now
  • feel you have no time or that you should be using this time "wiser"

Or any of the other things that are "Stressing" you out.

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"What a cathartic & empowering process this was."

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"I have done a lot of searching/healing work in my life because of my disability, but your program led me to further level of comprehension of me then I have ever found."

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"Hard work, I cried a lot, but so worth it in the end, I am so glad I stuck it out. I really wanted to quit so many times. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

In this 8 week online program you will experience

  • the ability to find a path to what you want
  • clarity on what you want in your life
  • ways to find time for yourself
  •  how to know and feel your value
  • steps to look after yourself
  • ways to calm your monkey mind
  • how to create more energy
  • and so much more

Healing with Creativity

You do NOT need to be an artist, we will show you how to use creativity to unlock your true self.

In this course we use creativity to work through our emotions, feelings, and blocks. We will paint, write, color, and so much more. We will not be creating works of art, we will be healing ourselves with our creativity. No need to fear not being an "Artist", you are creative, even if you don't know it yet.


This is an 8-week course helps you move forward in your life. To step into your most authentic self and feel into your own self-value.

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Who is this program for

Are you a woman, most likely over 40 who has;

  • given everything you have to everyone else and you feel like you have lost yourself
  • given everything you have to the kids?
  • to your spouse?
  • to a job that you may or may not even like?
  • Or feeling really unsure about where you stand in the world right now.
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"This course has changed my life. I feel I have been given tools to help me make a difference."

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"This course has helped me have more confidence and to see art as part of my spiritual practice."

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"Larissa was so patient and helpful, I have worked through some heavy things these past few months."

Why YOU need this course

Because you are ready for at least one of these things to happen for you;

  • To find or create a career you love
  • To follow a passion of yours
  • To have happier relationships
  • To learn to speak up confidently
  •  To find clarity and courage
  • To feel freedom and confidence
  • And YOU want to come out of this world crisis stronger and more confident then you have ever been

How much is not living a life that is true to you costing you in other areas of your life?

Yes, I want to feel stronger and more confident
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"Hey Larissa. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed participating in the class exercises. Lots harder than I thought it would be. I am a linear thinker so it expands me in a different way of looking at things." 

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"Oh God that was amazing, what’s next?"

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"A gentle, yet thorough process to opening up the steps to self authenticity."

Frequently Asked Questions

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"You're thought-provoking, I like teachers who get me thinking and examining my old patterns of thought and behavior."

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"I was surprised at the revelations I got in such a short time. I needed more. The course wasn't easy but nothing really worthwhile is, and sure I learned some things about myself that aren't all pretty, but I learned a lot of things that were wonderful. I became more vulnerable and I moved through issues that I thought would be buried forever. I had wonderful support from Larissa.

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"I am enjoying seeing that I am not alone in this. It was a very supportive group and Larissa is a great motivator."

Yes, I want those great results too!