Are you ready to take a step into your inner knowing, into your own divine energy?

Are you ready for change? Are you tired of doing the same old thing, of getting caught in the same patterns over and over again? Are you ready to step into your own divine energy and step away from what holds you back?

Are you ready to step into the Awakening of Your Divine Feminine?

Yes, I need this!

What is the Divine Feminine? 

The Divine Feminine is energy. It’s not about what gender you are, because everyone has both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities.

The concept of “masculine” and “feminine” energy is used in many different spiritual practices throughout history to describe the dualities that exist within everyone.

The Divine Feminine is one half of the whole

The Divine Masculine is the other half.

Together, they create a world of harmony and balance.

But this is not the world we find ourselves in today.

And as a pendulum swings one way it must return to the other side, and we are seeing the feminine energy awaken and swing back.

Awakening your Divine Feminine is about finding your own strengths

and your own personal power. Uncovering how as a woman you have navigated the patriarchal world, and how going forward you can stand strong as the energies compete to find balance within.

What is Awakening your Divine Feminine?

Awakening the Divine Feminine means focusing on the things that empower and create space within you. We live in a very masculine energy world, a world of go-go-go, that is focused on external success as opposed to a world that is reflective and receptive.

So to balance, we will focus on the Divine Feminine energy of rest and reflection. 

How do You Focus on the Divine Feminine to allow for Awakening? 

Following Your Intuition. Learning how to listen and pay attention to what we need as opposed to what we are told.

Getting in touch with Your Creativity. What does that look like for you, not just copying others' work, but what is your personal creative outlet and style? What lights you up?

Understanding and knowing the importance of Rest. Rest is where we recharge and tap into the divine, it is where we allow ourselves to connect, but it often gets lost in the hustle of the day-to-day busyness.

Prioritizing Self-Care. We often talk about the importance of self-care, but our society does not value it as much as we glamorize stress. We are not taught how to self-care, and it is not just bubble baths, there is so much more to it.

Embracing Your Sensuality. Sensuality doesn’t mean sexuality, our world is very sexualized. But, being open to all of your senses. What does it feel like, what does it taste like. Using all of your senses to experience.

Understanding Your Dreams. Not just the information we are given in sleep, although that is an important part. But, also our dreams in life, and how we want to be, move, live, communicate, and share in this world.

I am ready to Awaken my Divine Feminine


All of the above are parts of the Divine Feminine. All of this and more make up this glorious program of learning and self-discovery that you can share with a community of women on the same path, searching for balance and discovery

How will we move into our Awakening?

Books to read and study together

Invited speakers will join us to share their ideas, processes, and divine knowledge

Creating from a place of intuition. Painting, writing, and creativity that moves us

Group sessions and a shared community

Meditation, journaling, and more

I'm ready for this!

Why you want to join us

To gain more personal insight

To share sacred space with community

To delve into what is holding you back and getting in your way

To help you find more peace, happiness, and transformation in the balance

To create intuitive paintings and journal with your higher self

To Awaken!


What Others are Saying...

"Larissa provides a safe place to open up and to go do that introspection and discuss and talk about and figure out what's happening on the inside. Which is stuff that we don't normally do in today's society. " -E.B.

"Larissa, I think you are really good at asking the right questions. You asked me the questions that led me to discover it by myself. I feel like you knew all along what my problems were. But you just let me discover it by myself. You guided me to the answer. I just really appreciate it, I just think you're really good at what you do. Thank you." -C.P.

"Larissa, you make me laugh, you make me cry and you help me get myself together enough to eat and face what needs facing instead of curling myself up in a ball and waiting for it to go away."  -K.L.

Say Yes to Your Awakening

This Season April - June 2024

Theme: Cultivating Renewal & Growth

Book Study: 'Worthy' by Jamie Kern Lima

Included: The Power of Prayer Flags program

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Join us for Discovery & Awakening

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Exploration into your Feminine Awakening

  • Group Discussions
  • Book Studies
  • Meditation & Journaling
  • Creative Exercises
  • Videos and live sessions
  • Private Community
Yes, I need this

5 is the Symbol of Transition

555 is a sign that a change and major transition are coming and 555 is an assurance that the changes ahead are for your greater good, and if you keep seeing 555 everywhere the transition is significant. 


Who this is for:

  • Women who are ready for change
  • Women who are tired and need a change
  • Women who recognize that change is happening and don’t want to be left behind
  • Women who are open to ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ energies
  • Strong women, tired women, women who are too tired to go on, women who are overwhelmed
  • Women who don’t have the time for change, but know they need it
  • Women who need something more
  • Women who want to see themselves and other women empowered
  • Women who are ready for their Awakening

Who this is NOT for:

  • Women who are not ready to change
  • Women who are fine with the way things are
  • Women who would rather complain than do the work
  • Women who do not want to stand with other women

Say Yes to Your Awakening

Don't let your fear stop you.

Yes, I want in!