Being the Artists of Our Lives

I spoke to Dr. Lynn Carey for a wonderful conversation about creativity and healing, and I am sharing some of the takeaways here with you.

In an era where quick fixes and instant gratification are often the norm, Dr. Carey's approach is a breath of fresh air. She emphasizes that true healing comes from within, by aligning our physical bodies with our emotional and mental states.

This holistic approach to health doesn't just stop at physical ailments; it extends into every aspect of life. From her own experiences, she learned that living in alignment with your passions can be a potent source of happiness and fulfillment. This isn’t just some abstract idea either—it’s backed up by science! Studies have shown that engaging in activities we love boosts our immune system, reduces stress levels, and contributes to overall well-being.

But how does creativity factor into this? Well, according to Dr. Carey, everyone has the potential for creative expression—whether you're painting a masterpiece or cooking dinner for your family. The key is finding what sparks joy for you personally and incorporating it into your everyday routine.

Dr. Carey sees herself as not only a healer but also an educator who empowers others to take control of their health journey. In her book "My Journey To Grace," she shares her personal story along with practical tools and techniques anyone can use to improve their wellness.

She believes passionately in leading by example: homeschooling her son while pursuing entrepreneurial dreams shows us all that time constraints need not limit us from achieving our goals if we prioritize them properly.

Her advice? Start small but start today! Whether it's setting aside 10 minutes each day for meditation or making healthier food choices – any step towards betterment counts!

My conversation with Dr. Carey reinforces the importance of holistic wellbeing – focusing on alignment physically, emotionally, and mentally - as well as following one’s passion wholeheartedly without letting external factors like lack of time or money dictate life decisions.

By embracing creativity in daily life (in whatever form resonates) we can boost our immune system, reduce stress, and live a more fulfilled life. It's about creating your own masterpiece - your life!

In the end, it’s not just about living but thriving – this is what Dr. Carey wants for everyone she encounters and we hope you can take away some of her wisdom to apply in your own lives.

Stay tuned for our next episode where we'll continue to explore how creativity plays a crucial role in mental, physical, and emotional healing. Until then, keep creating!

Listen to The Creative Soul Healing Podcast Episode with Dr. Lynn Carey

You can find Dr. Carey here


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