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Creating For The Purpose Of Creation

I have always been one to create for a reason, something to sell, something to gift, something to decorate with, something that was needed.

Recently as I have been reworking through my own course Soul Creative due to my own health issues, I have been creating for the purpose of creation. I didn’t even really start off creating to heal, I really only had something that I needed to get out of me.

The first piece I have created is part of my new series is called ‘Power & oppression’ it is my take on the last 50+ years of women, or the feminine. The treatment, the expectations, the juxtaposition of those expectations. Every aspect of this piece has been very thoughtfully created.

The colours I chose, the angles, the medium, the application, the placement, whether it is painted, attached, transferred or written. Every bit of this piece was intentional.

As I worked through this piece it brought up a lot of emotion, a lot of it was anger, and as I worked through my feelings I was able to release a lot of that anger and emotion. The sadness dissipated, the disappointment and confusion washed away. I can’t say that I am done with my process, but I worked through that layer and let a lot more go. Each time we work through something, it doesn’t always go away completely, but it peels another layer off to get closer to our own personal truth.

Have you created for the sake of creation, or do you need a reason?

Share with me something you have created.

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,


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