Some of My Favorite Art Supplies

Art supplies can be very personal, and everyone will tell you something different,  but if you don't know where to start, here are a few of my absolute favorites for creating.

Gesso is a must-have for painting and art journaling, the brand I use typically is Liquitex. I buy it in larger containers and add smaller amounts to a jar for ease of access, plus it keeps it cleaner. I think most brands would be fine I just know and love Liquitex.

Matte Medium

I typically use Golden Matte Medium as my all-things collage adhesive, any time you need to stick something down this is perfect. Liquitex also has a great Matte Medium that I occasionally get. Matte is the finish, it also comes in gloss, but that to me is more for a final coat.

Gel Matte Medium is great for sticking things that are a little thicker or are not completely flat. It is also great to add to your paint to make it a bit more heavy bodied so you can add some texture. Again, I use Golden, but I am sure there are other great brands.

Acrylic Paint

I have used Chromacryl acrylic paint for years it is considered student grade so not super expensive but a good quality paint. I sold many paintings painted with this paint and I still use it today even though I also use some other brands now too.

Amsterdam is another great acrylic and has a much wider range of colors than Chruoacryl, I use this often. This brand comes in different grades and so the price can vary.

A heavy-body acrylic, that I also love is Museum acrylic, it is so great for using with a palette knife, or painting, it can add texture to your piece. When searching I could only find Canadian companies like Art Shack and also Delta Art near me that carries it, and Delta no longer carries the smaller sizes.


My go-to watercolors for day-to-day may surprise you as they are not the latest fad, I use Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors. I have used them for over 30 years, I love them because tubes last longer, have great consistent colors, aren't expensive, and look great.

My favorite metallics and shimmers have got to be Kuretaki Watercolors


Some of my favorite markers are the Tombow Dual Brush Markers, I use them for journaling in my art journal and then use a wet brush to wash away what I wrote and that becomes a base for the page I create. They come in variety of colors and are great for all different projects.

Another love is the Faber-Castell Pit Pens I love the brush markers because you can smudge them when they are still wet, but they dry permanent, which is wonderful on art journal pages.

For Black waterproof Markers, I would have to say that right now my favorite is the Copic Multiliners

Art Journals

The art journal I use most often is the Strathmore Visual Journal. I love coil bound so I can flip it open and the mixed media paper is great for most things. I use the 9x12 the most, but I also have it the 5.5x8 size.

Another Journal I really like, but is bound, so I tend to use it less, is the Dylusions Dyan Reavely Creative Journal. Great quality, I just prefer coils. (personal preference)

Other Tools

Epson EcoTank Printer is a must-have, I use my printer for so many projects and the ink is so cheap and you don't have to worry about running out or saving it only for "important" projects. 

I think I was a little late in learning about the Chrome Book for work and planning on the go but after some research, I found this one (ASUS C203XA) to be highly rated and it allows me to work from anywhere. And for this price, it is cheaper than I paid for my last tablet.

Okay, this one is a bit of a splurge but an iPad because 'Procreate'. Want to create amazing digital art, Procreate is the perfect program (app) for that. I have an older model iPad, but I use it for digital art, I use it as my overhead camera, plus because I don't have an Apple phone it allows me to use those ios apps that I can't use on my phone. 

This is such a small ist, and as any creative will tell you the supplies are endless. You don't need them all at the start, but you will find that over time new and shiny things can absolutely start to seem important for creating. You can create with any supplies, the important part is to create. Create for yourself first and foremost and as you try things you will learn your favorites, that is where you want to spend a bit more if you can. You absolutely do not need to get all the best supplies right away.

Please note that many of the items listed are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase through my link I may make a small commission. You will not be charged anything extra and I only promote products I love.


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