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Summer, And What'S A Girl To Do?

Soul Creative
We have wrapped up the first ever (beta course) Soul Creative and boy did I learn a lot… and it seems they did too.

8 intensive weeks of healing through creativity.

The ladies will tell you we worked hard, maybe too hard. I am looking at expanding the program as they all thought it was a lot in 8 weeks.

But, did I ever see transformation in these women. Everyone had different things they were working through, but they came together and supported each other and did the work.

I am looking at another program in the fall, dates are being confirmed.

I am also currently looking for space to hold a one day workshop Soul Creator, a step into the intensive online program Soul Creative.

I should have all dates confirmed in the next couple of weeks.

Art Walk
July 5-7, I will be at the Edmonton Art Walk. Look for me on 105 st (near Chapters). I will have the Installation piece “Power and oppression” with me, along with a lot of new art for sale.

It has been months of new creation and I have the pieces to show for it. I look forward to seeing people, so much of what I do is online. It will be good to get out and see people. And it sounds like the weather is supposed to good that weekend.

I hope to have some exciting news to announce at the Art Walk… or sooner. Watch for it.

My partner is a teacher and off for the summer and is itching to go away somewhere. I on the other hand never really have holidays between my day  job, online business/coaching, art, and my not for profit. We are looking at maybe going to BC for a few days, hopefully in August, just to get away for a bit.

My Health
Thank you to everyone who has contacted me with well wishes. I am doing much better. My doctors are still a bit baffled, but I believe that the healing work I am doing is releasing the dis-ease in my body and hence I am healthier. I know I feel much better.

This summer I have lots of creation plans, I am revamping (slightly) the Soul Creative online course, I am putting together the Soul Creator one day workshop. I am finalizing a few other courses such as ‘Affirmation Card Making’, ‘Journaling for Creativity/Health’, and I am really hoping to complete my revamped ‘The Artist's Way’ course this summer. Plus, painting whenever possible, as well as working in my art journal, and occasionally I will even find time to write. Yes, I have lots of plans for creativity.

Summer will be over in no time and we will be wishing for these warm days (actually I'm wishing for them now).  Take advantage of the weather, the wonderful vitamin D of the sun. Take time with friends, with family and for your creativity. Enjoy!

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,


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