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Where Have You Been?

 I am so sorry everyone, I have been MIA for a few weeks or more.

I have been in and out of the hospital for weeks while still working with these amazing women who are part of my Soul Creative intensive healing class.

I have really been working the program myself (again), as I work through my health issues via my art and creativity.

I am a true believer that our health is a direct result of issues that we have not dealt with, contracts that we set up before this lifetime to get through x,y, and z. Whatever that may be for each of us.

I often use Louise Hay’s book “Heal your Life” as a jumping off point, I think each person has to decide for themselves what the real issues are. But what I did was take all my symptoms, and ailments, and made a list based on her book to see what the “themes” were.

I came up with 5 main themes throughout, Anger, Resistance, Fear, Lack of Love and Guilt. I personally think a lot of ailments come from anger and fear, so I was not surprised by that. Lack of Love has been a theme in my life, that I thought I had dealt with, but I guess not. Guilt made sense with some of the family things I have going on now and Resistance was the biggest surprise for me.

So, how do you work through these emotions to heal yourself… well take my course and I will tell you. Lol.  Actually, emotions and trauma are a lifetime of work, peeling back the layers. Everytime you think you have something figured out you find it popping back in a new way until you fully deal with it. Maybe you never fully deal with it, but you learn new ways to cope, heal, forgive (yourself and others) and then when it pops up it is not as strong, not as debilitating.

So, what have I been doing these past couple of months to work through my health issues? I have been creating, I have been meditating, writing, painting, and creating mixed media pieces. I have been pouring my pain into my creating, working through my emotions by really sitting in them and working through them.

It is scary to be taken to emergency by ambulance (more than once), thinking you are having a heart attack. Only to be told they don’t know what the problem is, but you're not dying so you don't need to keep coming back to emergency. My doctors are working through trying to figure it out, so lots of tests. This is where I am so very grateful that I live in Canada, I can’t imagine what I would be going through in another country.

But, deep inside I am not sure I have a true health issue. I am not saying that it is all mental, not real, that is not what I mean. I think I have health issue symptoms to show me something, to make me look at something.

So, as my doctors work on figuring it out, I work on myself to figure it out. Did I need to slow down? I have. Did I need to reflect more on my family situation and what would happen if I died? I have. Did I need to actually redo the work I was teaching? I am.

I have done some of my best work over these past few weeks, some that I will never share, some that I will share and sell, and some that I am entering into International art competitions because it has such a  powerful messages.

I will continue working, creating, moving forward and creating my way to a healthy life.

I wish for you an Amazingly Creative Day,

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