Mindful Mandala Art

Over the years, I have created more than 1000 mandalas. Each mandala is an exquisite sanctuary that holds the transformative power of creativity and soothing meditation. This mindful practice anchors me into the present moment where I find peace and balance.  

This sacred circle has aided my ability to focus and concentrate.  I feel balanced and at rest.  Mandalas are an exercise in connecting with my deeper self.  They have aided me in opening up to new ideas and explorations.  Allowing each mark to work its magic aids me in practicing self-tenderness and compassion.  Recognizing my unlimited soul as a perfect place for rest.  This place where I am always enough.

Carl Jung calls the circle the archetype of wholeness.  Wholeness means complete and lacking nothing.  Harmony and unity, infinite, and eternity are notions also connected to the circle.  It makes sense that so many wisdom traditions make use of a circle  The...

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