A Routine Morning Session to Calm Your Mind and Start Your Day with Positivity

Form connections with a group of like-minded and supportive women

Let’s admit it. It can all feel too much at times.

You feel tired, irritated, and overwhelmed.

It feels like everything is spinning out of control.

Some days, you can’t even get off the couch and do what you love.

Are you feeling like you are not accomplishing anything?

Or just need a friend to talk to?

We all feel like this. But you don’t have to go through everything alone.

Start your mornings with an amazing group of women who get it.

Join us inside Morning Calm.

"If I didn't have this every morning, I'm not sure how my days would go anymore. I really like the meditation and journaling, because it's a great way to start off your day”

- Kristen B (member for over a year) 

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We meet online for 1 hour every weekday at 9 am Eastern Time (check what time it is for you here)

We start our mornings with guided meditations and move on to journaling. Our sessions conclude with group discussions.

Here’s what you experience when you join us inside Morning Calm:

Guided Meditations

We begin our sessions with meditation to clear our minds. I lead you through a guided audio meditation.

Our audio meditation library has themes of cultivating abundance, noticing stress and anxiety, goal setting and more. 

Our meditation sessions allow you to become aware of your surroundings and emotions.

You learn to focus on your breathing and your body.

These sessions help you become mindful and regain calm and clarity.

Journaling Prompts

After our meditation session, we move on to journaling.  Each day I provide a new journaling prompt, based on a weekly theme.

We have a library of themed journaling prompts to match the meditations and keep you in the flow. 

These exercises challenge you to dive deeper into your mind. 

As you practice, you become more aware and learn to get in touch with your emotions.

It builds a daily positive habit and helps you step into your authenticity.

Group discussion

We conclude our sessions with group discussions.

I am present every day to guide and encourage the discussions. 

We have formed a strong community of like-minded women from different walks of life. 

It’s a safe space where you can explore your feelings and emotions without feeling shamed or judged. 

We don’t force anything and don’t mind if you miss a day or two.

Our sessions allow you to self-reflect and heal through talking and listening.

Join the program that will help you navigate your day with calm, clarity, and confidence 

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What Members say about Morning Calm

"Doing it in the morning sets you up to do it, even if you're not conscious about it.

It's that subconscious, chatting about intentions or chatting about good feelings that sets you up for a good day.

Even if you're not actively thinking about it. Your subconscious is like oh, yeah, Larissa said, we’ve got to be nice to ourselves today."

-Emilie B ( member for over 3 years)

"It's nice to connect with everyone in the morning. And I was doing a writing practice anyway. So it's nice to hear other people's thoughts as well as my own. 

I also think paying for it makes a difference, so you show up. Free things are much easier to just go sign up and then not do. But actually committing to doing it, there's something kind of powerful about putting your dollar behind it, that actually makes you do it."

-Sarah P (member for over 3 years) 

"I realized the other day that this is a great way to have connections. I find it very healing. We talk about a lot of things, daily stuff, the emotional stuff, all that kind of stuff. And I find it very healing and very supportive. Very strengthening. Just different points of view, different ways of life. I’d really miss it, and I even miss it on weekends. And I need it. I need it, because you guys are like, yeah, I get to talk to you every single weekday. And it's all good."

-Kristen B (member for almost 2 years)

Join us live over Zoom, every weekday morning,

at 9 am Eastern 

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Can’t meet with us live because of the time difference? You can still access our audio meditation library and journaling prompts for a reduced price.

A Positive Morning Routine

Build a new routine to start your day. You will love the accountability.

Discussion & Community

Become a part of a supporting and caring community. You can show up in your PJs, we all do. And messy hair is totally allowed.

Start your Day with Calm

Start your day with a calm and clear mind. Get in touch with your emotions and connect with your authentic self.

Your Investment in Yourself is Only $97 a month 

Get access to the entire meditation and journaling library.

Plus, attend daily live sessions with a community of amazing women.

If the time doesn’t work for you, you can still access the full library of audio meditations and journaling prompts. 

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

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