10 Tips to Tap into Your Inner Peace

The thought of trying to find peace in a chaotic world can seem overwhelming. And yet, it is one of the most important things for our health. When our bodies are in a constant place of stress, we have more illness, panic attacks, bouts of depression and anxiety. We are constantly feeling overwhelmed and unable to do anything at all. Incorporating just a few Inner peace practices can make a huge difference.

Below you will find 10 tips. Do not feel like you have to do all of them right away. Start with one, then next week 2, keep adding until you spend more time at peace then not. Not every day will be perfect and life will still throw you curve balls, but when we can learn to breathe through them or not take them on as a personal affront it allows us to distance ourselves from the chaos and move into a calmer place within.

    1. Take a minimum of 5-10 mins to start your morning peacefully. Using one or more of these practices
      1. Meditate
      2. Journal
      3. Do a deep breathing exercise
      4. Remind yourself of what you're grateful for.
      5. Yoga
      6. Going for a walk
    2. Throughout the day Keep reminding yourself of what you are grateful for. Post reminder notes if you need them.
    3. Change your thoughts and inner dialogue process from the “I Have to” to “I Get to” or “I am able to” thought process.
    4. Let go of judging yourself and others by knowing everyone including you is doing the best they can.
    5. Let go of people, experiences, actions that do not bring you peace.
    6. Remind yourself throughout the day that you are at peace. You are peaceful.
    7. Do not accept any invitations to argue, explain or defend yourself. Let others have the last word, your peaceful silence will be yours.
    8. Create. Find 10+ minutes in your day to create. Write, paint, draw, cook, garden, whatever YOU like to do. The more time you find the better.
    9. Repeat affirmations, your I am statements. Remind yourself that you are__________________. Be positive, use present tense, be kind to yourself. 
    10. Make yourself a priority at the end of your day just as you did, in the beginning, see number 1 on this list and repeat.

However you choose to move forward, be kind to yourself. We are our own worst enemies and when we can learn to be kind to ourselves it gives us space to grow, change, and expand in positive ways.

I wish for you an Amazingly Creative Day,



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