How to Discover Purpose in Your Life and Avoid Boredom

Do you ever feel like your life has no purpose – like you're just going from one day to the next, without really loving or hating it? If you're in this situation, boredom is your enemy. 

We all experience boredom at some point in life, and it stops us from meeting our full potential. If you want to get out of this rut and onto the fast track to success and fulfillment, you're going to have to give up boredom. It's time to say you'll never be bored again! 

Boredom is detrimental to your physical and mental health. It makes you feel unfulfilled, unhappy, and tired. It's a fact – inactivity leads to more inactivity, plus it leaves you feeling empty and miserable. The cycle becomes ongoing, and you’ve got to consciously break its path. 

  •  If you're feeling bored and want to get out of the slump, do something – anything! It doesn't matter what. Just get moving. If you don't like your chosen activity, change to something else. 

Boredom and Purpose

How does boredom relate to finding your purpose? It's simple. If you're allowing yourself to be bored, you're putting roadblocks in the way of finding the path that will lead you to the top of your personal mountain.

It's important to have a purpose, because that purpose will allow you to feel happy and give you a reason to get out of bed every day. It will keep you moving, active, and healthy. 

  • Your special purpose doesn’t necessarily have to be a career; it could be a hobby or charitable cause. 

It's also important to love what you're doing. The ideal, of course, is to turn your life's passion into a full time career. No matter what you're doing, if you don't love it, you need to find something else to pursue.

  •  Some people are only able to pursue their passion during the time when they're not working, because some passions may not make the best careers. For example, there are few highly paid stamp collectors. 

How Do You Find Your Purpose? 

How can you discover your special purpose? The answer is simple, but the process might be a tough one. You need to open yourself to all new experiences and get out there and do things. You mustn’t allow yourself to say you’re bored anymore!

  •  Exploring the world around you is a great way to discover your purpose or passion. 

Whether you're reading new books, exploring parts of your city you've never been to, or talking to people you've never met, you'll discover new things about yourself, learn more about your surroundings, and experience new adventures.

New experiences have a lot to offer. They get you out of the same old mindset and into one where you have more passion and interest in the world. New encounters encourage you to try new things, develop new skill sets, and find out what you excel at. 

  • You can find purpose in the strangest places, so don't rule out any activity. After all, if you try something and don't like it, you don't have to go back to it. 

It's having passions, and the perseverance to pursue them, that makes us stars. If you've been feeling like your life is empty, it's time to fill it with some passion!

This week’s creative exercise:

Boredom Buster

Have you ever tried Towel Origami?

I bet you haven’t.

Let’s try it this week.

Grab some towels, and something you can use for eyes.

Here is a fun video I found of some cute towel animals. 

Who says you have to wait until you travel somewhere exotic.

Share on the Creative U Facebook page the animals you create.

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,



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