Use Creativity to Embrace Change and Live Your Best Life

Change can be hard, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to discover and showcase your creativity. Whether it’s a change in your job, home, or lifestyle, creativity can help you make the most of the situation and live your best life.

Using your creativity is also a great way to relax at the end of a difficult day. Activities such as painting, crafting, music, and writing can help take your mind off of the stress and onto something more positive. Plus, it’s a great way to express yourself without saying a word.

Creativity is not just about producing works of art. It can also be used in everyday life to problem solve and make decisions. Thinking outside the box and considering different perspectives can help you come up with unique solutions to problems that may have been difficult to solve before.

Let’s explore some easy ways to use creativity to embrace change.

1. Think Outside the Box

The best way to use creativity to embrace change is to think outside the box. When faced with a new situation or challenge, try not to limit yourself by what has been done before or what others expect from you. Instead, look for new solutions that no one else has thought of before. This kind of creative thinking will open up new possibilities and help you find unique solutions that work for you.

2. Embrace New Experiences

When you are presented with a new experience or opportunity, don’t be afraid to take on the challenge! Taking risks and trying something different can be intimidating at first, but it can also yield amazing results if you are willing to take the leap. Not only will this help you grow as an individual, but this will also provide valuable insight into how you respond to changes in your environment.

3. Find Inspiration Everywhere

Sometimes finding inspiration when facing major changes can seem impossible, so look for sources of inspiration everywhere. From books and movies to music and art—there are countless sources of inspiration all around us just waiting for us to tap into them and use them to find our own creative spark. Use these sources of inspiration as fuel for your creativity and watch as your ideas start flowing more freely than ever before.

4. Use Creativity to Help You Relax

There’s no doubt about it—change is stressful. Remember those creative tasks you loved as a kid?  Bringing them back into your life can be a great way to relax and reset. Painting, drawing, writing, or playing an instrument are just some of the ways you can use creativity to help you relax when faced with stressful changes in your life. My favorite activity lately when I’ve had a taxing day is drawing in the Procreate app on my iPad. Any activity you find yourself easily lost in will help you relax and destress.

5. Connect With Others Through Creative Projects

Connecting with others is another way to make the most of big changes in your life. Consider starting a creative project that involves collaborating with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. This is a great way to learn new skills and gain insight into how others approach change. Plus, it’s a fun way to make friends and build relationships with people who can support you through any challenge that comes your way.

Creativity is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to embracing change and living our best life possible. Using creative thinking, taking risks, and finding sources of inspiration everywhere can help us make the most out of any situation we find ourselves in, even if that means having to face major changes head-on.

Seek solace in your creative side. Don’t be afraid, dive right in, and let your creative spirit guide you on your path to living your best life!

Written by Guest Blogger Michelle Cornish

Michelle Cornish is an author and illustrator with a passion for positive thinking, creating books and oracle cards to help you live your best life. When Michelle isn't writing or drawing, you'll find her losing to her kids at Uno in the sunny Okanagan, BC, Canada.

You can find Michelle here:

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