Awakening into your Creativity

Being creative can make anyone’s life more successful. The proof of this statement can be seen on National Geographic for instance. In one particular show, you will see mountain men, making “stone soup.” Living in the mountains and surviving requires creativity and these guys are exceptionally creative. 

To make stone soup, they find a nice stone deep in the river and use that to get minerals from it when boiled. To add flavor and other nutrients, they gather river algae and forage for a variety of mushrooms. Once everything is boiled up, they have a meal that fills their bellies and helps with their immune systems. 

The mountain men have unconsciously learned how to create new learning pathways in the brain and make the reptilian brain shrink. The reptilian brain which we still possess inhibits creativity and works more to find new things to be afraid of. For you, the best way to work on strengthening your brain and the creativity portion is to engage in...

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