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The Artist’s Way

This week I get to spend time with Julia Cameron, the Author of The Artist’s Way. I am so excited that she is coming here to Edmonton on October 5th, to a sold out event. Luckily I bought my ticket back in March.  

I have facilitated her program on more than one occasion over the years and have another one starting in January. The Artist’s Way monthly meeting.

According to this New York Times article, Julia Cameron invented the way people renovate the creative soul, and I think I agree. Have you ever worked through The Artist’s Way spiritual Journey. Most of us have heard of morning pages or artist’s dates but don’t really know much about the whole journey.

The Artist’s way is 12 weeks (or modules) of self care, creativity and stepping out of your comfort zone. I have facilitated this program over the 12 weeks, but in January we will be starting a 12 month facilitated program. As I have found in our very busy...

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