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Spring Is Finally Here!

This winter has seemed especially long, the coldest winter in 40 years here in Alberta. I walk every day and it has been a cold biting, wind blowing winter. This past week all the windows  were open when we were home to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I could finally complete a few paintings that needed spray paint or created a mess.

Fall always feels like the beginning of a new year to me (I think from the years of first days at school). But, spring feels like rebirth or springing forward with new adventures. The longer days wake us up from the hibernation of winter and make me want to get to work, to do things, to create more.

I am in full on creation mode, working on so many new classes, working on new paintings as well as writing my life story. I have been talking about writing this book for years. I have started and stopped so many times. But, this time it is just flowing from me. It was funny because so many people have told me to write a book about my life, but I always...
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