7 Signs of Trust Issues and How to Begin Healing

Trust is one of those things that we all talk about, but do we really know when we struggle with trust? Once identified, absolutely. So, how do we identify our trust issues?

If you are experiencing trust issues in a relationship (intimate, friend, work), you cannot make yourself vulnerable, which is essential to lasting success.

Overcoming trust issues is difficult, but not impossible. You have been hurt in the past, either in childhood or even into adulthood. Your lack of trust is held in place by fear, fear of being humiliated, betrayed, taken advantage of or manipulated in some way. 

One of the reasons it is hard to let go of trust is that we go into situations with preconceived notions that we will be let down or hurt yet again. We are essentially setting ourselves up for failure, because what we look for we find.

Trust issues inevitably turn into self sabotage. When you don’t trust, you don’t connect with others. This builds a lack of self-confidence which...

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