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Happy V Day!

Valentine's Day is this week, do you have plans? Is Valentine’s day important to you? Do you go out, do you buy gifts?

I have always avoided anything where there was a lot of people so going out for holidays has never been fun for me, until recently.

My partner and I enjoy going out for good food, and we like quiet places. Last year we went to Cafe Linnea, a french restaurant and had their wonderful set menu, it was delightful and made me rethink going out for holidays. This year we are going to Zinc, a wonderful restaurant in the Museum. I am looking forward to it. We went there for our first “official” date. Funny story behind that that I may share another time.

I am also fine with not celebrating holidays on the actual date and even though I know people put a lot of meaning into these dates I have never really understood it. Does not having a “date” for Valentine’s Day upset you? Or are you Ok with it being just another day.

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