Nine Ways to Find More Peace


Peace for everyone will be a bit different, but ideally it will be a place of comfort and relative quiet.

Finding time for ourselves is the most important first step to finding peace.

As women we often feel overwhelmed with all that we have to do. We feel we have no time for ourselves, but to be our best selves we need to find time for ourselves. To be able to continue to be there for others we need to find time to look after ourselves.

Below are 9 ways to bring more peace to your life.

1. Set boundaries for yourself.

Choose when it is a good time for you. You do not have to say yes to everything, if you struggle to say no. Start with “give me a day to think how I can fit this into my schedule” and then tell them a time that works for you.

2. Try to relax.

I know, this is much easier said than done. But, anytime you are feeling a bit anxious take some deep breaths. Slow deep breaths in and slow exhales out. This helps slow the heartbeat and lower blood pressure, and it...

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