It is important to have a sense of community

I embrace everyone I encounter. Being open to people’s differences encourages a sense of community.

Having a sense of community means being open to collaboration. I know that sharing thoughts with others is a great way to arrive at ideal solutions.

Working with others allows each person to contribute their strengths. The collection of attributes builds a team that is stronger than each individual member. I embrace the value that other minds bring to the table.

I learn to remain humble when I expose myself to the strengths of others. I realize that each person brings something special to this world we live in. My openness to learning about what someone else offers reminds me to acknowledge their worth.

When there is a community of friends around me, I feel safe. Knowing that there are people to rely on gives me the confidence to go confront tough situations.

I contribute to the sense of togetherness by showing appreciation to others. I take the time to let others know that their support is appreciated.

Today, I know that building a community in each aspect of my life is essential to success. I celebrate the worth of each person I come across. My experiences are more enriching when I remain open to what others bring to the table.

A sense of community is so important at this time, Covid has cut us off from so many people in our lives. I have a wonderful community of entrepreneurial women I now call friends. It is our weekly mastermind group that brought us together, but it is the built connection of asking for help and offering help that has made us into friends.

In our Morning Calm Program it is so wonderful to see the connections these ladies have made that have carried over outside of the program. Shared interests have brought them together in more ways than just our morning meeting. Attending the same online churches, sharing art projects, sharing knowledge.

Our new Memberships are turning in the same direction, the women are learning from each other and turning to each other for help. I love to see the collaborations and sharing of ideas.

You already have a shared interest in Creativity, join one of our memberships and build on that to make new friends.

We’re still social creatures and require a community of people in order to thrive. It’s also nice to have help working through ideas or emotions. Having someone to talk to would be a great thing.

Consider these ideas to develop your personal community:

  1. Define your interests. What do you like to do? If your favorite activity is painting and journaling, a group that meets to discuss sports may not be of interest to you.
    • Think about the things you enjoy and make a list. There’s bound to be something in there you can work with.
  2. Consider religious and spiritual groups. Check out a few churches. Almost all churches now have an online service, so you can literally attend church anywhere in the world. Keep looking until you find a place where you feel comfortable and welcome.
  3. Consider groups related to physical activity. Do you like to run? Play golf? Do Yoga? There are plenty of groups you can join. You can do something you already love to do and make a few friends in the process. Most areas allow for small groups to get outdoors together, but there are also many online groups that are there to support and encourage each other.
  4. Take advantage of the internet to find people. There are many websites that cater to finding like-minded people for meeting and socializing. is one of the most well-known. There are many others. See what you can find and fill out a profile.
  5. Consider online communities. If you’re extremely shy, have an unusual schedule, or eclectic tastes, you might have more luck online. If your interests are hairless cats and howling at the moon, you can probably find your people online. 
  6. Be bold and be patient. The process of finding and bonding with new people can be stressful. You’ll have to use a little courage and be patient. It might take some time to find the right group.
  7. Build your social skills. Avoid using a lack of social skills as an excuse to wait to find some new people. Just make an effort to build on your social skills in the process of finding your community. Practice builds expertise.

There are people out there just like you that would love to see you and interact with you on a regular basis. Resist the urge to be a loner 24/7. There are a lot of good things happening that you’re missing. No one is meant to face the world alone.

Create or join a community of like-minded people. You’ll be glad you did.

Have an Amazingly Creative Day,



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