Journey Through Healing: My Reflections on Caroline Myss' "Why People Don't Heal"

I recently immersed myself in Caroline Myss’ insightful episode, "Why People Don't Heal," from her Sacred Power series. It was an eye-opening experience that deeply resonated with me, and I feel compelled to share my reflections, hoping they might touch your lives as they did mine.

The Profound Impact of Our Wounds

Caroline Myss, with her profound understanding of the human psyche and spirit, delves into how our wounds, both seen and unseen, shape our lives. Watching this episode made me realize how often we, especially as women, let our wounds define us. It's like wearing an invisible badge that subtly dictates our choices, relationships, and even our dreams. Myss challenges us to look at these wounds not as definitions of who we are but as experiences that have the potential to teach us. This realization was a wake-up call for me to start seeing my wounds in a different light.

The Art of Letting Go

One of the most striking messages from Myss is the power and necessity of...

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9 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life

Authenticity is to be true to one’s personality and character. It means you’re willing to show the world who you really are. You’re willing to live the life that you were meant to live. Authenticity is the ability to show your uniqueness to the world.

There are very few authentic people in the world, but you know them when you see them.

We’re naturally drawn to authentic people. We feel comfortable with those that are willing to be themselves.

Use these strategies to live a more authentic life and show the world the real you:

1. Know your values. What’s important to you? Make a list of every quality you think is important for a person to have. Now, put that list in order. What are your five top values? When you know your values, the authentic choice in any situation is more obvious than when you don’t know your values.

2. Stop doing things you don’t want to do. You still need to pay your bills and take out the trash. However, you don’t...

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