Feminine Intuition Challenge

Each day of the 5-Day Feminine Intuition Challenge we ran March 27-31, 2023 

Day 1

Today, we'll explore the basics of intuition and how you can recognize it in your life.

Take a few deep breaths and tune in to your body. Notice any physical sensations you may be experiencing. These sensations can be an indicator of your intuition. Trust your gut feeling, and allow yourself to follow its guidance.

Today's exercise is intuitive journaling. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and center yourself. Write down any questions or concerns that are on your mind. Without thinking too much, write down the first response that comes to mind. This response is likely coming from your intuition, so pay attention to it and trust it.

Day 2

Today, we'll focus on cultivating trust in yourself and your intuition.

Think of a decision you need to make. Take a few deep breaths and tune in to your body. Notice any physical sensations you may be experiencing. Now, ask yourself: "What is my intuition...

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Our Unconscious Biases and How We Affect Change

 I was having a great conversation with one of our presenters before a summit interview, this happens often and is one of my favorite things about hosting summits. The connections you make that can then turn into friendships. I don’t think it is necessary to say who it was, but I will mention it was a woman of color, as that plays into the story I am sharing.

Often with healing work, we have to look at our own unconscious biases and one thing I have been working on specifically is anti-racism, and how as a person of privilege I have played a part in the racism in my country, and the world, albeit, unknowingly at first, but now I also have to look at where I continue it.

And... as I look deeper into balancing the masculine and feminine energies within myself, I also need to look at where I have been condoning or playing a part in the patriarchy and the abuse of women.

Thinking you are anti-racist, or a feminist comes with doing the work to uncover where it may not be true....

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