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Tomorrow Is Handwriting Day

January 23 is Handwriting Day, a day to get your hands on a pen or pencil and paper and practice and revive the elegant art of handwriting. Grab that journal (or paper) and start writing.

Handwriting is the act of writing by hand using an instrument such as a pen, pencil or brush. It is thought that a person's handwriting is as unique as his or her fingerprint - no two people have the same writing style or handwriting. Because of this, handwriting is often used by many forensic experts and historians to test the authenticity of documents.

Originally introduced by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association in 1977 to promote the sale of writing materials, National Handwriting Day has become an opportunity to celebrate manuscript and cursive—and remind ourselves why it’s so important for students’ literacy development!

The twenty-third of January is John Hancock’s birthday. Hancock is best known as having the first and most prominent signature on the...

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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Creativity is in everyone, everyone is creative. It’s just that for some of us that creative spark may be buried under responsibilities, negative feelings, and old stories where we tell ourselves that we aren’t any good.

Creativity needs to be given a chance at life, remember when you were a kid and would get out the crayons and colour, you would draw your home and family, you would make furniture for your dolls.

Creativity is still in you, it just may be buried. 
There are many simple—and fun—ways to let your creativity loose, whether you’re interested in nurturing your hobbies or your business. You can apply creativity to any endeavor or craft.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Sometimes good ideas just pop into our heads (write those down). But more often, it takes effort. You can’t sit and wait for a brilliant idea to come along, you’ve got to start building up your creative discipline. Spend time pursuing creativity,...

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I have collected so many colouring books over the years. I love the drawings and have always been too afraid to mess them up by colouring in them. Silly I know.

At Christmas, I received a couple of sets of fine markers and it has changed colouring for me. I can’t get enough now. The fine tips and bright colours make colouring in these amazingly detailed colouring books so easy and fun.

I have even played around with drawing my own colouring pages. I used them for my thank you postcards when people bought my art (they now need to be updated with the new branding). But, you know what? I never even coloured one of the ones I created. 

What was that about? Was it the perfectionism freeze? I know I have trouble writing in books, but colouring books are meant to be written in, coloured in. but, I do think that is what it was, I didn’t want to mess up those great drawings. 

There is no wrong way to colour, so why was I so afraid?
I recently got back to my art...
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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve!

A new year means a new start. I love new beginnings for this reason, whether it is January 1 or the beginning of a new school year or the beginning of summer holidays, or even the beginning of a new week. Beginnings are a chance to start over, reinvent yourself and try something new.

I had a nice sleep in this morning, even though I didn’t make it until Midnight last night. That is too late for me, and I was still able to celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Last night we had a nice dinner with friends and this morning I got up and wrote out my goals for this year. I don’t really set any resolutions, but I now have a list of goals to work towards throughout the year. And most of them will be great for you. Lots of new classes and plans for the business were at the top of my list.
“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
-Tony Robbins
This year my main goal...
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